COVID-19 Update – Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure all of our patients know that Steven Batash MD is available for essential in-person appointments, testing, treatment, procedures, and surgeries.

It’s understandable that there might be concern about coming to a doctor’s office. Rest assured that we have put in place strict safety procedures to protect our patients.

We’ve gathered answers to frequently asked questions about what to expect when you visit Dr Batash.

Visit to Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center and Covid-19 Safety

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Person Appointments

Is Dr. Batash’s office open?
Our office remains open to care for our patients with healthcare needs.
I need to see a doctor in person but I’m concerned about being exposed to COVID-19. What are you doing to protect patients?
Please do not risk your health by delaying care. Here’s what we are doing to keep our patients healthy during their visit:

  • All Batashmedical providers and staff have been tested for COVID-19 and wear masks and other appropriate protective equipment.
  • All patients are screened for COVID-19 symptoms before arriving for their visit.
  • All providers, staff, and patients are screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the entrance of practices and given a temperature check with a “no-touch” thermometer.
  • All patients are required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Social distancing measures will be enforced if there are patients in waiting areas.
  • Our office is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.
Are you still offering video visits?
Yes. Telemedicine is still a good option for our patients who prefer to have a video visit, or who may not require diagnostic testing/lab work, or treatments. We are also offering video visits to patients who are new to Batashmedical. If you aren’t sure whether you need an in-office visit or a video visit, you can contact our office.
I postponed a procedure earlier this year. When can I reschedule?
Please contact our office at (718) 830-0004 to discuss timing for your procedure.
What is the best way to make an appointment at Batashmedical?
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