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Eat Less, Live More with Medical Weight Loss ,
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Losing excess weight is difficult to do on your own. The best way to reduce your weight is by cutting portion sizes, but it can be hard when you do not feel satisfied. If you have considered bariatric surgery but want a less invasive option, there are procedures that are minimally invasive while offering similar effects of weight loss surgery. Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in Rego Park, NY offers the minimally invasive suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve procedure for effective weight loss.

Outpatient Bariatric Surgery Procedure

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most successful options in bariatric surgery for weight loss. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach by up to 80% by removing a giant section and stapling the stomach into a smaller, banana-shaped pouch. While effective, sleeve gastrectomy does require major surgery, incisions and a permanent change to your digestive system. The suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve is an outpatient option to reduce your stomach size without removing most of your stomach.

The endoscopic sleeve is performed through the esophagus, no incisions needed. The stomach is folded and sutured to reduce the size by up to 80%. This allows a smaller space for ingesting meals, allowing patients to feel fuller quicker with less food. The suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve can have similar results for patients who want to restrict their food without the permanent digestive changes of bariatric surgery.

The suture sculpt sleeve is an outpatient procedure that can offer significant weight loss results. Patients can go home within hours, unlike weight loss surgery like sleeve gastrectomy which usually requires at least one night in the hospital. Since there are no incisions, the risk of infection or other complications are greatly reduced. There are no scars on your abdomen and most people can return to their normal activities within a few days.

Reduce Calories and Lose Weight!

Restricting the size of your stomach can help you learn to eat less and enjoy a healthier life. Patients can lose 20% or more of their body weight with an endoscopic suture sculpt sleeve procedure. If you are interested in reducing your weight for better health and appearance, contact our team at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in Queens for a consultation.

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