Getting the Most Out of the ORBERA Balloon System

The ORBERA balloon system is a great option for people who struggle with obesity. Not everyone can lose their weight through diet and exercise alone. For those who need extra help, the ORBERA balloon provides the physical modifications that will push their body into weight loss mode. Although ORBERA can be a great tool to help with weight loss obstacles, it should be remembered that it is only one tool.

As with many things in life, the ORBERA balloon is not a magic wand. A lot of effort and changes must be made in order for any type of bariatric procedure, surgical or non-surgical, to work. Here we will discuss some of the ways you can prepare for your treatment to make sure you achieve the results you are hoping for.

The Psychology of Food

The first thing patients must do is consider their relationship with food. An ORBERA balloon will not change your relationship with food all by itself. There is a lot of mental work that must be done by the patient long before the balloon placement takes place. Patients who have issues with emotional eating, food addiction or other types of eating disorders must deal with these issues long before treatment day.

Finding New Ways to Cope After Treatment

For most people who are severely obese, food is a means of emotional coping. Once they come to terms with the fact that they are misusing food in this way, then it is necessary to find new ways to cope. You cannot simply remove the food. The food must be replaced with something else. Healthy ways to cope with stress are essential to good health. It can be helpful to make a list of new ways to cope with stress. Refer to this list often, especially during the stressful moments. Just like with anything else, the more you practice, the easier this will become.

Remember This is Your Journey

Comparing yourself to others is a sure way to feel discouraged. Your journey is your journey. It might not look like anyone else’s. Be sure to keep track of your progress and your victories

Keep Up With Follow-Ups

Your follow-ups with our doctor will make the difference regarding how long you can keep the weight off. For many people, losing the weight feels easy, but maintaining the weight loss is the hard part. It is very easy to slip back into old habits once the excitement has worn off. Following up with our doctor and staff will help remind yourself that you are still healing and making progress.

Make Peace With Changes

There are many changes that come along with a new, healthier lifestyle. For instance, many patients report feeling very strange in a healthier body. Remember that these are just tricks your mind is playing on you. You are in control. There will also be social changes. Once you make a lifetime commitment to eating healthier, your interaction with food in social settings will be a bit different, too. You must make peace with this if you are to continue your new, healthy lifestyle.

Eat Like a Healthy Person

Rather than thinking you are trying to get healthy, tell yourself that you are already healthy. Then eat like you think a healthy person would eat. This kind of visualization can be handy to trick your brain into thinking that you have already achieved your goal.

Contact Us

The first step is often the hardest part of any journey. Our team at Batash Medical is ready to help you take that first step. If you are interested in the ORBERA balloon system or another one of our services, simply contact us today and book a consultation at our office in Rego Park or New York, NY. We look forward to hearing from you!

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