What Happens To Your Stomach After ESG?

You may or may not be aware of a recently FDA-approved weight loss procedure called endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, also known as ESG. It is a game-changer for people who really need some help to get their BMI under control for the sake of their health or those who just do not want to have invasive surgery.

Today, we are going to go over some of the most frequently asked questions about our Suture Sculpt ESG procedure, so you will have a good understanding of this amazing option for surgery-free weight loss.

What Can You Tell Me About Suture Sculpt ESG?

Suture Sculpt ESG is a procedure that is done to help obese individuals lose weight without the use of bariatric surgery. This procedure can deliver the same or better weight loss results than gastric sleeve surgery, which is the bariatric option chosen by most patients who choose surgical weight loss assistance.

The risk of complications during or after ESG is significantly lower than that of any bariatric surgery option, and you will not have to deal with acid reflux or dumping syndrome. Additionally, you will have no restrictions as far as your activities go after ESG, so if you feel up to a task, go for it. Most people can return to their normal routine after just a few days and are not out of commission or missing work income due to an extended absence. They can also ramp up their physical activity sooner because they have no incisions that have to heal or internal wounds that need to heal.

Post-Procedure FAQs

What Happens To The Stomach Tissue After ESG?

During the procedure, the patient’s stomach is shaped into a smaller, tube-like sleeve and secured with endoscopically placed sutures. No portion of the stomach is cut or removed, so the stomach tissue all remains intact.

What Happens To The Folded Part Of The Stomach During The Endoscopic Sleeve? As Dr. Batash

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What Are The Benefits Of Reduced Stomach Capacity After ESG?

The smaller capacity limits how much food the stomach can hold at one time, which helps patients control their portions. Another advantage of the smaller stomach size is that it slows down how fast the food is digested. What used to take thirty to sixty minutes to digest and leave the stomach will now take six or seven hours. This prolonged satiety, coupled with the limits on food portions, helps people shed a significant number of pounds.

Does Stomach Tissue Die After ESG?

No, the stomach tissue is merely shaped differently to make it smaller by using a special folding and suturing technique. None of it is cut out or permanently damaged.

Does ESG Alter Or Affect The Stomach’s Blood Supply?

The blood supply to the stomach remains unchanged during endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, so there are no risks or complications related to the blood supply to the stomach.

Does ESG Remove Any Feeling From Your Stomach?

The Suture Sculpt ESG procedure does not alter any nerves that are contained in or around your stomach, so it will not affect any stomach feelings or sensations.

Does Food Get Stuck In Your Stomach After ESG?

Unlike after some forms of bariatric surgery, there is no danger of food becoming lodged in different areas of your stomach after undergoing endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. Not only that, but the digestive process will run slower but still smoothly, and the body will benefit from the absorption of all the nutrients and vitamins ingested.

Is Recovering From ESG Painful?

No, most patients experience little to no pain during their recovery and are back to their jobs and social events in a few days. After the procedure, your stomach will need to become acclimated to its new shape and smaller size. You will need to follow a special diet, beginning with liquids, and work your way up to eating solid foods again.

Listen to this recent patient who lost 107 pounds in 7 months tell you about her experience and recovery after Suture Sculpt ESG. Give us a call to set up your appointment to learn more today and find out if you are a good candidate for Suture Sculpt.

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