The Benefits of a Weight Loss Balloon

Losing weight can seem as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest. You never make any progress. You can’t find your way to the top. If you make any progress at all with the scale, you find yourself sliding back down the slope again. You don’t want to fight with the scale anymore. You’re exhausted from your own efforts to trim off those unwanted pounds. You’re ready to get help from a medical professional. You’re seriously considering medical weight loss surgery. A weight loss balloon such as ORBERA could be a step in the right direction for you.

Understanding ORBERA

If you are a good candidate for a weight loss balloon, our endoscopist will walk you through what you can expect from the procedure. The ORBERA balloon will be inserted into your stomach through a catheter. Our endoscopist will then fill the balloon with saline. Once you are sent home from your outpatient procedure, you will be on a liquid diet for a week or so. The next week will be soft foods. In week three, you can begin eating normal foods.

You’ll become accustomed to being able to eat less. The balloon will make your stomach seem like it is smaller. This procedure will give you similar results to a gastric bypass or a gastric band. However, the ORBERA balloon does not make any permanent changes to your stomach. It will be removed after six months on a modified diet. At that point, you should be at your goal weight or well on your way.

What Are the Benefits of a Weight Loss Balloon?

A weight loss balloon can help you to lose weight safely and effectively. It will make you learn a healthier lifestyle as you practice portion control. You will find out how reducing your calories on a consistent basis can make a difference for you. Our doctor will closely monitor your progress while your weight loss balloon is in place. You will be given recommendations for a healthy goal weight and exercise options that can help you to become friends with your scale. Once the balloon is removed, you will need to continue to follow healthy eating and exercise habits to maintain your weight loss. The ORBERA balloon is an option that could work for you when nothing else has.

Talk to Our Endoscopist About a Weight Loss Balloon

If you are serious about weight loss and think you need help, make an appointment with an endoscopist who specializes in medical weight loss procedures, such as the ones at Batash Medical. We are conveniently located in Rego Park, NY. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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