The 5 Most Important Benefits of a Weight Loss Balloon

If losing weight seems as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest and you don’t seem to ever make any sustainable progress, you are not alone. There are many people who feel this way. They never seem to be able to reach the top, and any progress they make is lost as they find themselves sliding back down the slope again.

If you are tired of fighting with the scale and are exhausted from putting forth considerable effort with no results, it is time to get help from a medical professional.

Perhaps you are contemplating bariatric surgery as an option to get the help you desperately need. Before you opt for a surgical solution, consider a non-surgical weight loss balloon such as ORBERA. Let’s take a closer look at the Orbera weight-loss balloon and its many benefits.

Understanding The Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

The ideal candidates for the Orbera weight loss balloon have a BMI of 30 or higher and have tried other attempts at weight loss without success. They must also be willing to follow a medically supervised weight loss plan for 12 consecutive months.

You may not be a suitable candidate for the Orbera balloon if you are pregnant, nursing, or plan to become pregnant in the near future. If you have had previous stomach surgery, a hernia, liver damage, or take anti-inflammatory medications daily, the Orbera balloon may not be a good fit for you.

How Does The ORBERA Balloon Promote Weight Loss? Ask Dr. Batash

Dr. Batash from the Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center explains the way the Orbera balloon helps patients lose weight.

Endoscopic Weight Loss Requires No Surgery!

The Orbera balloon is placed into an individual’s stomach through a procedure that does not involve surgery called an endoscopic procedure. During an endoscopic procedure, a special medical device called an endoscope is used to access the procedure area. The endoscope looks like a hollow, flexible tube that is outfitted with a camera and a light. The hollow design lets the endoscopist lower other tools needed during the procedure down through the center of the endoscope and the doctor can see exactly what they are doing in real-time thanks to the tiny camera.

The endoscope is lowered down a patient’s throat while they are mildly sedated, and there are no incisions made. The deflated balloon is lowered down to the stomach through the endoscope and then filled with a saline solution until it takes up approximately 3/4 of the stomach’s capacity. It normally only takes about 20 minutes to perform the procedure, and then the patient is kept for observation for a short time before being released to go home.

What Happens After The Gastric Balloon Is Placed Into The Patient’s Stomach?

Patients have to follow a special diet for a few days before the placement of the balloon to ensure their stomachs are empty of solid foods and for their safety during the procedure. After the balloon is placed, it takes about three weeks before they are able to resume eating solid foods.

The stomach must become acclimated to the balloon gradually to prevent severe vomiting and other unpleasant side effects. Patients begin with a liquid diet, and over the next few days and weeks, they add purees, soft foods, and then solid foods.

The Orbera balloon offers patients the potential for significant weight loss, similar to bariatric surgery, but it does not make any permanent changes to the stomach or digestive system. The balloon reduces the available space in the stomach, limiting the amount of food they can eat during one meal. In addition to portion control, the balloon helps the patient feel fuller for longer periods of time, preventing hunger pangs between meals. The balloon remains in the stomach for six months and is then removed.

Patients continue to follow their medically supervised program for the remainder of the 12-month program, which helps them reach their goal weight and maintain their weight loss results.

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight Loss Balloon?

1. There Is No Surgery Involved With The Orbera Balloon
The Orbera balloon is placed in the patient’s stomach by lowering it down their throat through an endoscope. Weight loss surgery involves abdominal incisions, but there are no incisions made during the Orbera balloon placement or removal. This means that patients do not experience the extended recovery times associated with surgery, and they can get back to their normal routines faster. Also, the Orbera balloon offers a much lower risk profile than that of surgery or the use of general anesthesia.
Infographic: Orbera gastric balloon
2. No Permanent Alterations To The Stomach Are Made
The Orbera Balloon is a temporary medical device that is placed in the individual’s stomach for only 6 months and then removed. In the rare instance that the patient experienced an adverse reaction to the balloon, it could be quickly removed.
3. The Cost Of The Orbera Balloon Weight Loss Program Is Less Than Surgery
The best way to determine the exact cost of a weight loss balloon is to speak to your gastroenterologist, but the average cost of a gastric balloon procedure in the United States is between $6,000 and $9,000, which is significantly lower than the cost of bariatric surgery.

One of the best features of a weight loss balloon program is the added value of the 12-month program, which teaches lifelong lessons that help them lead healthier lives.

4. Most People Are Eligible For A Gastric Balloon Even If They Do Not Qualify For Surgery
Qualifying for bariatric surgery can be very challenging. Most bariatric surgeons have qualifications that patients must meet before they will agree to perform surgery, and the insurance companies have qualifications that are even more stringent. They require documented proof of certain requirements and then still may not approve the surgery.

A gastric balloon procedure can be performed on individuals with lower BMI numbers and often on those who may not qualify for surgery due to health reasons.

5. Patients Can Lose Three Times The Amount Of Weight Using A Weight Loss Balloon
Patients who follow the 12-month program that accompanies a weight loss balloon program often lose a significant amount of weight and are able to keep it off. Normally, by the time the balloon is removed from their stomach, they will have lost between 30 and 55 pounds, depending on how much weight they had to lose.

During their supervised program, they work with a team of professionals and learn life skills that will help put them on a path to a healthier weight for life. They learn to recognize when they are full and to stop before they overeat, how to choose the correct foods and portions, and the importance of daily physical activity. Some patients also learn about “triggers” that promote their unhealthy relationship with food, and they learn strategies to combat these situations.

Orbera weight loss results in 6 months
Orbera weight loss results in 6 months

A weight loss balloon can help you lose weight safely and effectively while also assisting you with forming new habits that will help you maintain a healthy weight for life.

Our doctors will provide you with a healthy goal weight for your frame and closely monitor your progress while your weight loss balloon is in place. Your support team will help you with all your dietary needs and work with you on physical activity options that will work best for you and your circumstances. If needed, other professionals can be utilized to help break through underlying weight loss barriers so you can effectively modify unhealthy behaviors into healthy lifestyle habits forever. Once the balloon is removed, you will need to continue to follow healthy eating and exercise habits to maintain your weight loss.

A Weight Loss Balloon Can Help Your Efforts Count For More

The ORBERA balloon is an option that may work for you when nothing else has. If you desire to lose weight and have realized that you need some help, contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center today to set up a consultation with one of our weight loss experts.

Get The Help You Need And Deserve

The doctors at Batash Medical are expert endoscopists who have extensive training in obesity management and understand the associated complexities and complications. To learn more about the benefits of a gastric balloon program and how it can help you lose weight and keep it off, set up an appointment to visit us in person at our convenient Rego Park, NY, location or schedule a telehealth consult. Contact us today to learn more!

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