Who Is Weight Management Doctor?

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for weight management doctors because, in these times, many people grapple with extra pounds accumulated over the years.

Currently, we are bombarded with things like the abundance and easy accessibility of fast food, a sedentary lifestyle, stressful jobs, and negativity, which is hard to filter out. All of these make us more prone to weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.

There are a variety of reasons why one might gain weight, and therefore, the weight management solution also differs. Treating obesity or extra body fat is not an easy task. Therefore, a good weight loss management doctor is required to have lots of experience, extensive training, and specialized knowledge in several fields like gastroenterology, bariatrics, nutrition, psychology, and many others. In this article, we will tell you more about weight management doctors and where to find a good one.

What Does a Weight Management Doctor Do?

A weight management doctor is a medical specialist who you can turn to if you have obesity or the issue of being overweight, which might be the cause of your health or psychological problems. It is a healthcare professional who will conduct a comprehensive examination of your health, which includes:

  • Reviewing your medical history, asking if you took or still taking any medicines that might affect your weight;
  • Conducting a physical exam, measuring blood pressure, weight, height, BMI, waist circumference, and calculating the body fat composition using a variety of methods and tools;
  • Doing medical tests and blood work;
  • Learning about your eating habits, lifestyle, and relationship with food;
  • Determining your emotional well-being and other psychological symptoms, and checking if you have an eating disorder.

How Weight Control Doctor Helps Lose Weight

Your weight control doctor might also ask you about your previous attempts to lose weight and what kinds of diets, exercises, and medications you have used. The first task of your weight management doctor is to learn as much as possible about your health, lifestyle, and habits in order to identify the major cause of weight gain. After identifying the cause, he or she will design a customized weight loss program that will help you shed pounds safely, effectively, and sustainably, meaning you will be able to manage your weight not only in the first couple of months but in years to come. Then, your task will be to adhere to the instructions and recommendations of your weight management doctor and embrace the wave of change.

Where To Find A Great Specialist

The success of your weight management attempt depends on your willingness to change and collaborate with your doctor. This you can control. But choosing a really good management doctor who will do their best to provide you with an effective and safe plan that suits you best is a little more tricky because the right weight control doctor should have extensive experience, training, and real work they have done in the field of weight management.

Weight Management Doctor in NYC

Dr. Batash is one of the leading weight management doctors in New York and across the country. He also has many patients who fly to him from other countries because of his expertise in the field of obesity medicine. Dr. Batash and his team have worked with hundreds of different patients for years and adhered to high standards of patient care. Our team pays special attention to making sure that every person who comes to us gets the maximum support he or she needs. We understand that issues like eating disorders, unhealthy relationships with food, and high stress can be a huge contributor to weight gain and a huge barrier to solving the issue. Therefore, we work with patients on all levels, starting with their physiology and ending with their psychology, which helps us get to the goal efficiently. To help you better understand the services we offer, let’s look at our patients’ stories.

How Cynthia Lost 100 lbs

Cynthia is a 32-year-old married businesswoman with two kids. She used to weigh 318 pounds. One day she learned about Dr. Batash’s work from one of her acquaintances who had amazing results (70 pounds in 7 weeks) and literally transformed his body. She decided to do Suture Sculpt because she saw the real person who underwent the procedure. She asked that person about the procedure and the doctor. She was ready to fly to a different state or even country if it was needed to get those amazing results. Fortunately, the patient did the procedure in Queens, NY, with Dr. Batash, one of the best weight management doctors in NYC. The next day, she called Dr. Batash’s office, made an appointment, and started her weight loss journey.

Cynthia has lost 100 pounds since she underwent the ESG procedure seven months ago. She previously tried to lose weight on her own; she focused on eating healthy and being physically active, but as she did not see any significant results, she knew that she was missing something—a catalyst for change. So, when she learned about Suture Sculpt, available in NY, through word of mouth, she knew that it was the best choice for her. While some patients might get nervous before the procedure or think for a long time before making a decision, Cynthia knew immediately that she had nothing to lose. She would only lose the thing that she really wanted to get rid of—extra pounds. Cynthia had had an experience with endoscopy, and according to her, Suture Sculpt was very similar to that, nothing serious or invasive.

Cynthia’s 7 Month Suture Sculpt Testimonial! (-107 Lbs)

Our amazing patient, Cythnia, shares her hearwarming story of how doing Suture Sculpt changed her life! Her story is truly inspiring and I couldn’t be happier for her success 🫶🏻 Comment “consult” below and we’ll help you set up your appointment with Dr. Batash

Cynthia expresses her gratitude for the support she receives from Dr. Batash and his team during her weight loss journey. She really looks forward to her monthly meetings with Coach Cindy from the OnTrack Program. For Cynthia, meeting with the coach is that little push she needs to feel to keep herself accountable and make continuous progress. Coach Cindy guides her and helps her put her mind in the right place and stay focused. Although she was at the six-month point and the program would finish soon, she wants to continue the meetings because they are a huge source of motivation and support for her.

On the day of the procedure, Cynthia was 318 pounds. Three weeks after the procedure, she remembers clearly how her daughter was surprised when she told them that they were going out on Sunday to Dave and Buster’s. Just three weeks after the procedure, she felt so amazing and full of life. As Cynthia says,

“It was literally the beginning of the rest of my life.”

Now, when someone sees her change and asks what she did, she tells them honestly how she achieved this result because she does not want anyone to feel what she felt struggling with obesity. She has been with her husband for 15 years, and although everything was great, she still felt like she wasn’t enough. Cynthia says,

“I was always smiling. I was a businesswoman, always working, always mom, doing what I had to do but the feeling I had inside because of that weight, I don’t want anybody to feel that. I don’t want anybody to feel sad or inferior.”

Her children saw her change, and now her daughter tells her constantly how proud she is to have such a great mother. That has no price, says Cynthia.

David Lost 40 Lbs In 6 Months With Orbera Balloon

Six Month Orbera Gastric Balloon Testimonial

Learn about weight management doctors, what they do, how they can help, and where to find the best one in New York.

Another patient, David, saw Dr. Batash’s patients on Instagram and got inspired by the amazing progress they have been making. So he wanted to be one of those patients who changed their lives, and so he was. Previously, he would go to the gym, but it was hard for him to control his eating habits, and he would end up eating a lot.

Before the Orbera balloon procedure, he was a bit nervous, but then he realized that it was okay. He would give advice to people considering doing weight loss procedures that if they wanted it, they should just come and do it. Dr. Batash and his team will take care of them 125% of the time, just like they did with him. He says Dr. Batash is one of the best doctors. Now David is happy with himself. He lost 40 pounds at the time of the balloon removal, and there’s more to go because he got the confidence he needed so much to make progress.

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