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Healthy living starts by taking control of your weight through a balance of nutrition and exercise. Yet, stubborn pounds can remain despite your best efforts. Many people are aware of bariatric surgery for significant weight loss, but are worried about the risks and complications. There are non-surgical alternatives such as a gastric balloon to help you reach your desired weight.

Dr. Steven Batash is a leading gastric balloon specialist serving patients in Maryland and all across the world. As a renowned board certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Batash offers comprehensive FDA-approved non-surgical weight loss solutions clinically proven for lasting weight loss. These solutions are clinically proven to obtain significant weight loss results using the most advanced weight loss techniques.

Top Non-Surgical Weight Loss Doctor

As a top non-surgical weight loss doctor, Dr. Batash takes a comprehensive approach to help you manage your weight. Patients receive personalized care from the initial consultation to aftercare to help them achieve the best results possible. Maryland residents can speak to Dr. Batash directly through a virtual consultation to discuss their weight loss objectives. For over 30 years, the weight loss knowledge and expertise from Dr. Batash have created countless success stories.

How the Gastric Balloon Procedure Works

The procedure for the gastric balloon can be achieved in less than an hour while the patient is mildly sedated. An endoscope is inserted into the stomach through the mouth. The gastric balloon is then inflated to the size of a grapefruit using a saline solution. As the balloon takes up space, hunger pangs are significantly reduced to help you eat less. This balloon remains in your stomach for approximately six months before being removed.

While the balloon does its work on a daily basis, patients can participate in lifestyle and nutritional counseling for a year to optimize results. This coaching program is free and includes basic metabolic rate measurement and body weight composition analysis.

Ideal Gastric Balloon Candidates

Candidates for a gastric balloon must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for the procedure. Certain medical conditions may prohibit you from becoming an ideal candidate. A virtual consultation with Dr. Batash from your Maryland home can give you the information you need to make an informed decision. The procedure can be ideal for individuals with a body mass index over 25 who have a strong commitment to losing weight for good. You must be willing to commit to a program of lifestyle and nutritional changes for sustained weight management.

The procedure is not recommended for patients with previous weight loss surgery or gastrointestinal issues. Pregnant women should wait until after childbirth before considering this procedure. If you have acid reflux, this procedure can make your symptoms worse. Make sure to discuss any medical conditions and medications you are currently taking with Dr. Batash during your virtual consultation. Dr. Batash may be able to recommend alternative weight loss solutions that are better suited for your needs.

Transform Weight Loss with a Gastric Balloon

Patients who choose the gastric balloon can expect rapid weight loss within the first three months after the procedure. While the gastric balloon can help you lose weight, you still need to be dedicated and committed to keeping the weight off. You can minimize your risk for serious health conditions and improve your overall quality of life. At the Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, you can receive help and support with every step of your weight loss journey. To learn more about how the gastric balloon can help you transform your weight loss journey, request a virtual consultation today.

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