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Losing weight can help reduce the risks of many potentially fatal medical conditions. Many individuals struggle with losing weight despite dieting and exercise. When considering weight loss solutions that can help, bariatric surgery often comes up as a beneficial solution. However, some people may have medical conditions that can make them unsuitable candidates for this treatment. Endoscopic non-surgical procedures are clinically proven to help these patients reach their weight loss goals.

The gastric balloon can help individuals in Boston and throughout Massachusetts shed the remaining unwanted pounds after diet and exercise. This non-surgical procedure can be ideal for those who may not be eligible for weight loss surgeries. Gastric balloon specialist Dr. Steven Batash provides virtual consultations to help residents throughout Boston and Massachusetts become more informed about their weight loss options.

Top Non-Surgical Weight Loss Doctor

Dr. Steven Batash is considered a top non-surgical weight loss doctor with a comprehensive range of services. These services include a gastric balloon, endoscopic sleeve and revision treatment. Patients can also participate in free lifestyle and nutritional counseling for a year to help them stay on track. Dr. Batash has served as a medical expert on major news outlets and employs techniques he has learned from pioneers in the field. Many patients who have traveled to his clinic were able to achieve the weight loss results they desired.

How Does the Gastric Balloon Procedure Work?

The gastric balloon is considered to be one of the safest and effective techniques for weight loss management. This procedure reduces the amount of space in your stomach for food with a saline-filled balloon. While the balloon is in place, you can receive lifestyle and nutritional counseling while adjusting to eating smaller portions.

The procedure is performed by giving the patient a mild sedative before inserting a deflated balloon into the stomach. An endoscopic tube places the balloon in position before it is filled with saline. This balloon stays in the patient for six months before being removed. The procedure can be completed within a few hours, and you can return home the same day. Work activities may be resumed after a day or two of rest.

Ideal Gastric Balloon Candidates

The ideal candidates for a gastric balloon are individuals who have tried exercising and dieting without significant results. The first step is a consultation with a gastric balloon specialist. During the consultation, you can learn about the benefits and risks and receive answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Ideal candidates have a body mass index over 25 and a desire to lose approximately 40 pounds. You must be willing to dedicate yourself to following the program your doctor gives you in order to see any significant results.

Some individuals with certain medical conditions may not be ideal candidates for the gastric balloon. If you have acid reflux, are pregnant or had previous weight loss surgery, the procedure may not be right for you. There may be alternative weight loss solutions available to help you reach your goals if you are unable to have the procedure.

Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss Solutions Beyond Boston

Losing weight can help prevent future health problems and help you feel more self-confident about your appearance. If you have been struggling to find weight loss solutions in Boston or other areas in Massachusetts, Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center may have the right treatments to meet your needs. Receive the help and support you need to shed those unwanted pounds and improve your quality of life. Schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Batash for a gastric balloon procedure today.

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