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More than 30% of adults in the United States are considered obese. Obesity can cause a wide range of life-threatening health problems. Some individuals try to lose weight through diet and exercise, but the results are unsuccessful. Genetics and other factors can be behind this weight loss failure. Bariatric surgery may be an option, but it can involve unwanted risks and complications. This weight loss surgery may not be ideal for people with serious health conditions.

Endoscopic non-surgical procedures can provide a safe and effective way to lose weight. Many people opt for a gastric balloon for their weight loss because of its success at long-term weight loss. Gastric balloon specialist Dr. Steven Batash serves patients in his New York clinic from Nevada and other parts of the world. Individuals who are interested in this procedure can request a virtual consultation from their home to discover if it is right for them.

Top Non-Surgical Weight Loss Doctor

Dr. Batash has served as a top non-surgical weight loss doctor for over 30 years. He has shared his knowledge and expertise on major news outlets and worked closely with pioneer doctors in the field. Patients from all over the world have experienced their desired weight loss results with treatment from Dr. Batash.

What to Know About the Gastric Balloon Procedure

The gastric balloon procedure is designed to help you eat smaller portions without being hungry to achieve your weight loss goals. Prior to the procedure, the patient is made comfortable with a mild sedative to help them sleep through the process. An endoscopic tube delivers a deflated gastric balloon into the stomach. Once the balloon is guided in place, it is filled with saline to take up space within the stomach. This can encourage the patient to feel full faster at mealtimes while consuming smaller portions.

Unlike bariatric surgery, which can involve months of preparation, the outpatient procedure for the gastric takes a few hours. Patients can return home the same day and return to work within a day or two. Along with the gastric balloon, the patient can receive lifestyle and nutritional weight management counseling free for a year. This coaching program provides the patient with all the tools they need in their Nevada home to sustain long-term weight loss.

Ideal Gastric Balloon Candidates

The gastric balloon can be ideal for individuals who do not qualify or have concerns about weight loss surgery. If you have a body mass index over 25 and desire to lose around 40 pounds, you may be an ideal candidate. You may not be an ideal candidate if you had weight loss or gastrointestinal surgery in the past. For individuals with acid reflux, a gastric balloon can make symptoms worse.

The best way to determine if you are an ideal candidate is to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Batash from the comfort of your Nevada home. During your consultation, Dr. Batash can explain the benefits and risks and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. After reviewing your medical history and weight loss objectives, Dr. Batash can determine if you are an ideal candidate and recommend the next steps for your weight loss journey.

Experience Long-Lasting Weight Loss with the Gastric Balloon

A gastric balloon can be an ideal weight loss solution to help obtain optimal health and wellness. At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, patients receive help and support throughout every step of their weight loss journey. Take charge of your health and experience long-lasting weight loss results. Request a virtual consultation today.

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