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Trying to lose weight can be frustrating. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, you may still be unable to shed excess pounds. Genetics, medications and certain health conditions can interfere with trying to lose weight successfully. Bariatric surgery is a well-known option for dramatic weight loss results, yet may not be ideal for some people because of the risks and complications.

Endoscopic procedures like a gastric balloon can help provide assistance toward your weight loss goals. These non-surgical solutions can minimize the risks and complications associated with surgery. Gastric balloon specialist Dr. Steven Batash can assist patients in North Carolina with shedding unwanted pounds and living a healthier lifestyle. With a comprehensive range of non-surgical weight loss solutions clinically proven to deliver results, you can finally shed that unwanted weight and feel better about your appearance.

Top Non-Surgical Weight Loss Doctor

Dr. Batash is a top non-surgical weight loss doctor in New York who has helped countless patients achieve long-lasting weight loss. As a board certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Batash is affiliated with a few of the top hospitals and medical centers in New York. He has shared his knowledge and expertise on major news outlets and is affiliated with the top medical centers in New York. The advanced weight loss techniques Dr. Batash uses in his clinic are gleaned from working with pioneer doctors in the field.

How the Gastric Balloon Procedure Helps with Weight Loss

Non-surgical procedures such as the gastric balloon can be a safe and effective means for weight loss. After being given a mild sedative, the doctor uses an endoscopic tube to place a deflated gastric balloon into your stomach through your mouth. The FDA-approved balloon is filled with saline to reduce the amount of space within your stomach for food intake. After a six-month period, the balloon is deflated and removed. This procedure can be repeated as often as your doctor recommends to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

There is no scarring from incisions, and the most common side effect is nausea after the procedure. Any discomfort should disappear within a few days. If you experience any pain or discomfort after a few days, contact Dr. Batash for further treatment. You may be able to return to work in North Carolina after a day or two of rest. Following the procedure, patients can participate in free nutritional and lifestyle coaching for a year to help achieve optimal weight loss results.

Ideal Gastric Balloon Candidates in North Carolina

If you are interested in the gastric balloon, a virtual consultation with Dr. Batash can help determine if you are an ideal candidate. The doctor will review your medical history and weight loss goals in order to recommend the best course of treatment for your needs. You may need to consider weight loss alternatives if you have certain medical conditions or had weight loss surgery in the past.

During your consultation, Dr. Batash can help you understand everything about the procedure to help you make an informed decision about your health. If you are an ideal candidate, Dr. Batash will give you the next steps you need for your weight loss journey. Ideal candidates typically have a body mass index over 25 and are willing to follow a customized program under a doctor’s supervision.

Discover if the Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss is Right for You
A gastric balloon can provide dramatic weight loss results if you are willing to put in the work to achieve your goals. Many patients can experience weight losses of 30 pounds or more within six months. Individual results will vary depending on your body type and commitment to the program. If you believe the gastric balloon may be right for you, schedule a virtual consultation today.

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