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Are you struggling with weight loss in Rhode Island? Many people fail to lose excess weight, even with diet and exercise. One of the most well-known weight loss treatments is bariatric surgery. While this treatment offers numerous health benefits, it can carry risks and complications that can negatively impact your health. Endoscopic non-surgical procedures such as the gastric balloon and gastric sleeve have been clinically proven as safe and effective weight loss treatment alternatives.

Gastric balloon specialist Dr. Steven Batash works with individuals in Rhode Island and around the world to achieve their weight loss goals. Many patients who have a virtual consultation with Dr. Batash travel to his New York Clinic to experience the results many others have achieved. With the gastric balloon, you can see weight loss results of 40 pounds or more.

Top Non-Surgical Weight Loss Doctor

Top non-surgical weight loss doctor Dr. Batash has delivered successful weight loss results to numerous patients from Rhode Island and elsewhere. The gastric balloon procedure is combined with lifestyle and nutritional counseling for optimal weight loss results. This free coaching program includes complimentary weight loss monitoring with basic metabolic rate measurement and body weight composition analysis. When this counseling is combined with proper nutrition and exercise, it can yield substantially better weight loss results. The techniques that Dr. Batash uses in his procedures were gleaned from working closely with pioneer weight loss doctors.

What is the Gastric Balloon Procedure?

The gastric balloon procedure is an innovative weight loss treatment to help people lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. A temporary balloon is placed inside the patient’s stomach for up to six months using an endoscopic tube. Because the balloon is filled with saline, you are able to feel full throughout the day from less calories. After six months, the balloon is removed, as the patient develops the skills and habits for a healthier lifestyle. The most common side effect from the procedure can be nausea that dissipates after a few days.

You are able to return home a few hours after the procedure and return to work within a day or two. Bariatric surgery can take months to prepare for and can have a longer recovery. Once you have received the gastric balloon, lifestyle and nutritional counseling are made available to help you make the lifestyle changes you need for success. The gastric balloon procedure can be performed again in the future, as often as the doctor recommends for your health and wellness.

Ideal Gastric Balloon Candidates

To be considered for a gastric procedure, a consultation with Dr. Batash is necessary. You can schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Batash from the comfort of your Rhode Island home. During your appointment, Dr. Batash will discuss your weight loss goals and review your medical history to determine if you are an ideal candidate. If you have a body mass index over 25 and desire to lose around 40 pounds, you may be an ideal candidate. Certain medical factors can prevent you from becoming an ideal candidate for the gastric balloon procedure.

Lose the Weight with a Gastric Balloon

If you have not achieved the weight loss results you desire, a gastric balloon can be an ideal solution for you. Dr. Batash offers affordable weight loss solutions to help you achieve optimal health and wellness in Rhode Island. You can see significant weight loss with dedication and commitment to the personalized program that Dr. Batash can recommend for you. Start your weight loss journey by requesting a virtual consultation today.

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