Three Wellness Packages for You to Optimize Your Health, Weight Loss, and Beauty Routine

These packages include carefully vetted medical grade nutritional and skin care products that will help you achieve your health & beauty goals. We offer three level of packages and you can choose whatever is best for you and your budget.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the nutritional supplements, cremes, and potions that are for sale in the stores, amazon, and other online outlets? If you are overwhelmed by all the choices available and wonder if those products are even effective, you are not alone.

We see so many patients who want to lose weight, start taking care of their nutrition, skin, and hair and improve their overall wellness. Many of these patients have tried numerous diets, bought slimming cremes, and accumulated many supplement bottles on their kitchen counters. Most of the time the diets have failed them, cremes did not achieve the desired result and nutritional supplements did not really help. Many hundreds of dollars have been wasted over the years on ineffective products. Many patients are very skeptical of buying products and who can blame them?

Unless you are an expert and have done extensive research you will not know whether the product you just bought is effective or it is nothing more than clever marketing.

A lot of companies who invest money into ingredients and not in their marketing don’t even offer products online or distribute them only through medical professionals. Many of the products sold are part of multilevel marketing schemes and so-called “coaches” and “representatives” are not even qualified to give nutritional or skincare advice. If you examine labels carefully and do your research, you will see that most products out there don’t have enough of the “good” ingredient to make any difference.

We Did All The Work For You, So You Don’t Have To

We decided to do some leg work and research supplements and skincare products for you.

We looked for quality products and skincare with valid research to back up their efficacy. We asked qualified medical professionals and nutritionists for advice on what are the most effective and proven ingredients that will deliver results to our patients. We found some great products that we were satisfied with and when we didn’t find what we are looking for we developed our own.

It has been a long road and many years of research, but we are proud to offer our patients products that are effective, and clean and have research studies to back up any claims that are made by the manufacturers.

In our store you can find nutritional supplements, protein shakes powders, and skincare items that we carefully vetted and selected for you. We are here to answer any questions you might have about products in our store and explain how the products can help you and how to use them.

How Our Wellness Program Differs

Our welcome package includes high-quality protein powder (vanilla or chocolate), and magnesium with calcium in powder or capsule form. These products were selected because they can be used right after your procedure, as well as a part of your current wellness program.

We include skincare samples since sagging skin is one of the biggest concerns for our weight loss patients. While there is no miracle crème that can produce surgical results, we found that Bodifirm from Revision Skincare is well formulated and well-researched body crème that delivers noticeable results. It is specifically formulated to visibly firm, tighten and lift sagging skin to sculpt and tone the body.

When Investment Is Worth It

The price point for the medical grade skincare is higher than your pharmacy brand products but they are well worth the investment. Remember with medical skincare a little goes a long way and if the price is divided by the length of time the products usually last, you will see why buying medical-grade skincare is the way to go.

Also remember that skincare and nutrition don’t need to be too overcomplicated to be effective. All you need is a few basic products that can deliver results. Whether you choose to add more bells and whistles to your routine is completely up to you.

For a more personalized skin, hair, and nutrition regime you can speak with your OnTrack coach or with our dedicated beauty consultant.

Looking and feeling good as you lose weight made easy by Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center. We did all the work for you, so you don’t have to. All our products are discounted at 30% off their original price for all our patients. If you see any of the products from our store at a cheaper price than we offer, make sure the product is authentic and that you are buying from an authorized retailer.

Recommended Skin Care Routine and Nutritional Supplements

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