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This weight loss calculator is a helpful tool for overweight and obese people who are considering doing endoscopic bariatric procedures such as the Orbera balloon, Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, and non-surgical revision Suture ReSculpt. The calculator is used to approximate the expected results from these procedures so that patients can better understand the possible outcomes.

For getting accurate results with the weight loss goal calculator, you need to enter your height in feet and inches and your current weight in pounds in the respective fields. Then you need to choose the procedure that you would like to undergo from the drop-down menu. After making sure all the data you entered is accurate, you press “Calculate Now”. The results will show the projected weight loss from the chosen procedure in three time periods. It will display how many lbs you can lose in three months, in six months, and in a year after performing the selected procedure.

Important to note, the results are only estimated average figures that are calculated based on the study of past and present trends. Yet, in conjunction with the procedure, patients follow special diet and exercise programs that contribute to their weight loss results. Therefore, individual results may vary depending on how well patients stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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