Achieve Lasting Weight Loss with the Endoscopic Sleeve

What is happening to 108 million dieting Americans? These are people unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, some four and five times every year. Every new year brings another new resolution to lose weight… and then the cycle repeats. It seems like their brains are blocking them from losing weight. Modern foods and modern patterns of eating are hijacking three critical processes in our brain and rendering sustainable weight loss nearly impossible.

You are a human being with a human brain. Weakness has nothing to do with it. The programs that rely on your willpower, in the long-term, are dooming you to fail. The scientific fact is that limitations arising from the way willpower is wired in the brain, combined with the stressor and pace of our modern world, leave you vulnerable to unhelpful food choices. And those unhelpful food choices set off a cascade of activity in the brain that creates two things: insatiable hunger and overpowering cravings. Insatiable hunger is a new kind of hunger. It is not, “Give me fuel to start my day;” it’s, “I just ate dinner and a bag of chips and now I am heading to the freezer for ice cream.” Another thing that is different about modern hunger is that eating doesn’t actually satiate us. That is a response of a broken feedback mechanism.

Often, people who undergo endoscopic sleeve procedures still feel hunger even though their stomach is full and physically they can’t eat any more food. There is a delay in signal to the brain. It is that new hunger when eating doesn’t satiate us. Our feedback mechanisms are broken. Trying to diet through these broken mechanisms will not lead to lasting weight loss. You might lose weight, but within a few years or months, you will regain it. Getting a procedure like an endoscopic sleeve helps you with physiological hunger, but then there’s new “modern” hunger. Here, the way to succeed is to engage in behavior modifications. A qualified nutritional coach or nutritionist can help you address these issues. With proper diet and behavior modifications, this broken feedback mechanism can be restored. It takes time and effort, but combining physical restriction and behavior modifications is the surest way to achieve long-lasting weight loss.

The endoscopic sleeve can work for a wide range of BMIs. It can work for someone who has struggled with the last 20 pounds, or it can work for someone who needs to lose 50 to 60 pounds. This cutting-edge, non-invasive procedure in combination with nutritional coaching is your best bet for achieving lasting weight loss.

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