Achieve Non-Surgical Weight Loss with AspireAssist

For many years, there were not many non-surgical treatment options for people who were significantly overweight and looking for a way to do something about it. AspireAssist is an FDA-approved way to help those with a BMI between 35 and 55 loose weight. The procedure is quick and simple and will not result in any permanent changes to your anatomy, but it is an effect means for non-surgical weight loss.

How AspireAssist Works

The goal of this treatment is to reduce the number of calories that your body absorbs. A thin tube is placed into the stomach. This tube is connected to a button on your abdomen, which is placed in a discreet manner. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes after you have a meal, you simply “aspirate” 30% of it directly into the toilet using that tube. This is accomplished using a handheld device that connects directly to the button. The device is no bigger than a smartphone and can be discreetly brought into the bathroom with you. Due to the fact that you are only removing 30% of the food, you do not need to worry about nutritional deficiencies.

All in all, it takes five to ten minutes to aspirate the food with the non-surgical weight loss device. In the beginning, it will be recommended that you do this three times a day (after each major meal.) Part of the process, however, is lifestyle counseling. Over time, as you are eating less and making healthier choices, you may need to aspirate less frequently.

What to Expect with AspireAssist

Placing the tube in your stomach can be done in as little as 15 minutes using twilight sedation. This means you will remain conscious but will be relaxed. Most people are able to go home just one or two hours after having the tube placed. AspireAssist will result in much less missed work than a bariatric surgery. The process is similar to placing a feeding tube, which has been done safely for decades. It also carries the same low-level of risk as placing a feeding tube. Removing the tube can be done in as little as 10 minutes and is also done under twilight sedation.

Results with AspireAssist

During a large study conducted in the United States using AspireAssist, participants lost three times as much weight when they had the device implanted. This is in comparison to those who simply received lifestyle counseling. As long as you aspirate regularly and stick to the dietary and exercise plan, this non-surgical weight loss treatment should help you reach your goals.

Ready to learn more about how AspireAssist can help you achieve non-surgical weight loss? Visit Batash Medical in Rego Park to speak with our educated staff. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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