Ideal Patients for Bariatric Endoscopic Procedure

Bariatric procedures that help you lose weight aren’t only for people with over 35 BMI. Orbera Intragastric balloon and Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty are routinely performed on people with 30 BMI. In our minds bariatric procedures are only for morbidly obese but in reality endoscopic procedures can help someone with 30 BMI go down to 25 BMI. Very often people are able to lose weight with diet and exercise but just as often they regain the weight within few years. Endoscopic bariatric procedures will help you lose weight and keep it off. It is important to remember that these procedures will not replace the need for diet & exercise. However, these procedures are very effective adjunct to diet & moderate exercise. If you are a woman who gained weight during the pregnancy or put some extra weight due to hormonal changes you might be a great candidate for the balloon or endoscopic sleeve. You are not a candidate for bariatric surgery but you might be a good candidate for the non invasive endoscopic procedure.

It is just as tough for someone with BMI of 30 to lose weight and keep it off as it is for someone with BMI between 35-40. Our non invasive endoscopic procedures are very effective when combined with diet and life style changes. Bariatric procedures can help you get to BMI of 25 or lower So if you been trying to lose 25/30 pounds for a while you might be good candidate for our endoscopic bariatric procedure.

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