What Key Services Should A Metabolic Weight Loss Center In NYC Offer?

A metabolic weight loss program addresses a patient’s calorie intake however, for the program to achieve success, the way those calories are burned must also be addressed. Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center works with each individual patient to develop the weight loss regimen that will work best for them.

Our metabolic weight loss center in NYC offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical weight loss options that combine practical weight loss measures with therapies that address the metabolization of calories and fat to promote weight loss.

What Services Do Metabolic Weight Loss Centers Offer?

In order for a patient to achieve significant weight loss and maintain that loss, their situation must be addressed from a 360-degree approach. Not only is it important to consider the types and quantities of the food they are eating, but other factors which are contributing to their unhealthy weight. Some of these factors may include:

  • Lifestyle choices;
  • Behaviors & habits;
  • Unhealthy diet;
  • Medications;
  • Lack of nutritional knowledge;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Excess stress;
  • Emotional and psychological issues.

At Batash Medical, we consider all these elements when creating patient individualized programs for metabolic weight loss in our New York City location.

Metabolic Weight Loss Services

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to obesity and each patient must be evaluated to determine how to best help them. Identifying the underlying causes for their unhealthy weight such as genetics, stress, lifestyle choices, etc can give us areas to effect change and promote weight loss.

Removing the inhibitors to weight loss and creating a personalized plan coupled with a comprehensive support system help patients lose weight safely and more effectively. At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center we offer solutions for these patients in our metabolic weight loss center in New York City such as

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Sometimes our bodies work against our weight loss efforts. The issue could be genetic, hormonal, a metabolic set point issue, or a number of other reasons. A non-surgical weight loss procedure can give you the help you need and make your efforts count toward greater results.

Orbera Intragastric Weight Loss Balloon
A silicone balloon is placed into the patient’s stomach through an endoscopic outpatient procedure. The Orbera gastric balloon is inflated with sterile saline solution and is used to occupy space in the patient’s stomach to help with portion control.

The patient is unable to eat as many calories in one meal and the presence of the balloon also helps them stay full longer. The temporary balloon remains in the stomach for 6 months while the patient adjusts and modifies their behaviors and lifestyle choices to promote weight loss.

Orbera patient lost 39 pounds within 6 months after the procedure
Orbera patient lost 39 pounds within 6 months after the procedure
Suture Sculpt ESG
Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a non-surgical procedure that reduces a patient’s stomach capacity by reshaping the stomach and suturing it into place. The patient can only consume a limited number of calories in one meal and they stay satisfied longer. When combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise, patients can lose approximately 60% of their excess weight. If the use of weight-loss medication is added to this equation, patients’ weight loss can be more significant.

Suture Sculpt weight loss results after 1 year
Suture Sculpt weight loss results after 1 year
Resculpt Bariatric Revision Procedure
Sometimes, patients get off track and begin to gain weight after undergoing a bariatric weight-loss surgery or procedure. The non-surgical Resculpt procedure helps to restore the restrictive nature of a previous gastric sleeve surgery or ESG procedure. Patients are fully supported by our OnTrack Lifestyle program to help get them back on track and looking and feeling their best.

Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Prescription medication is offered as part of a medically supervised non-surgical weight loss program that includes the Orbera Balloon or Suture Sculpt ESG procedure.

By combining the metabolic capabilities of the medication with the restrictive and metabolic benefits of the procedure, patients can successfully lose a significant amount of weight.

A recent study reported that patients who combined the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure (Suture Sculpt) with Wegovy weight loss medication lost approximately 26% more weight.

OnTrack Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition counseling and personalized eating plan
We foster patient success by offering education and support that promote healthy eating habits and the importance of ingesting the proper amount of vitamins, nutrients, and water. Working with a registered dietitian and learning to set short and long-term goals gradually help patients adjust to a healthier diet.

OnTrack Lifestyle Coaching

Endoscopic weight loss procedures yield optimal results when patients adopt lifestyles that include proper nutrition and physical exercise.

Behavior modification
Exploring underlying issues for obesity often uncovers issues such as negative self-image and behaviors such as eating for emotional comfort. Conditions such as these can make it hard for an individual to lose weight and keep it off. Working with a professional can help patients learn to identify areas that are holding them back from achieving their goals and successfully working through them.
Exercise and Physical Activity
Our team of professionals partners with patients to help them find physical activities that they enjoy and that work best for them and their circumstances. Starting with small goals patients learn how to incorporate exercise and moving into their daily lives and work up to larger goals gradually as they get stronger. Walking is one of the best (but most underrated) physical activities to help promote weight loss and does not require any special equipment.
Stress management
Cortisol is a natural hormone that is released as a result of stress and can greatly inhibit weight loss. Learning strategies to lower their stress levels can help patients achieve not only their weight loss goals but overall better health.

Referrals to Any Needed Specialists

Our comprehensive program of patient care looks at each individual and how they experience obesity and its complications. This helps us to identify the areas and ways to best assist them and customize a program to their needs. Sometimes this may involve referring patients to other medical professionals who can also extend their expertise and knowledge to help the patient reach their goals.

Obesity is a complex condition that must be addressed from several different vantage points. A comprehensive metabolic weight loss program consists of an obesity specialist like Dr. Steven Batash, who is trained to identify and address the underlying causes of obesity. Dr. Batash and his team in New York, are expertly skilled at building a successful program tailored to help patients’ weight loss efforts succeed by utilizing assistance from other medical professionals such as nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, mental health counselors, etc.

If you are ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and wish to lose weight, the team at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center is ready to commit to you and help you succeed in your weight loss journey. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive weight loss programs available at our premier metabolic weight loss center in NY.

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