How To Get The Perfect Body For Life Guide

After the holiday season is complete, many people begin making goals for the new year, and most of them revolve around their health and fitness. Unfortunately, many of them give up before they even get through one month! This usually happens because they get discouraged because the few things they have tried have been unsuccessful.

If you are like most people, you have a picture in your head of what you would like your body to look like. You have probably also come up with many reasons why you will never be able to have that body in your lifetime. Did you know that negative self-talk influences your mood and behavior? In actuality, things you tell yourself frequently become self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you have the correct mindset and are willing to follow a plan, you can have a body that you will be confident walking around in and maybe even showing off at the beach. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that if you are 5’1″ that you can change your body to be a 6″4″ basketball player, but you can get your best body for life if you are willing to do what it takes.

Today we are going to talk about how you can change your thinking, stay motivated, and obtain support to get a fit and healthy body for life.

What Mistakes Do People Make When Trying To Get The Body For the Life They Want?

Most people do not really know how to begin a fitness or weight-loss program. They use Google to find sources of information, and if you search for “body for life diets,” you will get about 130,000,000 results.

How is anyone supposed to weed through that many results and know which information is accurate, let alone which diet would be the best for them? And then another dilemma is how to know which types of exercise they should do and how often.

Most people get stopped in their tracks before they even get started for many reasons, including:

  • They don’t have a plan;
  • They do not have a good understanding of food and nutrition;
  • They are not getting the right kind of exercise;
  • They are not drinking enough water;
  • They are not getting enough sleep;
  • They do not get professional help;
  • They set goals that are unrealistic or so large that they are daunting;
  • They self-sabotage;
  • They are unable to stay focused and do not ask for support.

The Perfect Body Strategy in Detail

Let’s talk about some of these points and why they are important. If you desire to have a body that you are proud of, there are certain things that you need to do.

You Need A Plan
Planning helps you set goals that are appropriate and attainable but also allows for changes as you discover new challenges or if unexpected changes occur. It also helps to divide large problems or tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. Your planning process can also identify strengths and weaknesses that you can better prepare to address through pre-planned strategies, which can increase the overall effectiveness of your plan.
You Need To Understand The Key Role Nutrition Plays In Having The Body For the Life You Desire
Understanding diet and nutrition will ensure your body for life meal plan includes all the vital components necessary to lose weight, become fit, and maintain that level of health.

Your body needs certain elements to remain healthy and function properly. Learning the difference between the way your body digests and uses processed vs. whole foods, for instance, teaches that whole foods provide more health benefits and keep you satisfied longer.

Also, some vitamins or nutrients are more easily absorbed by your body if they are taken under the correct set of circumstances. For example, vitamin B12 is absorbed by the body better if taken with a meal, but if you take it with vitamin C, your body will not be able to utilize it as well or at all due to the interaction between the two vitamins. Vitamin C and B12 should be taken several hours apart so that the Vitamin C does not prevent your body from using the B12.

Understanding how to give your body what it needs in the correct form will save you time and effort and eventually reward you by giving you the body for the life you want.

You Need To Be Getting The Right Kind Of Physical Activity For You
Each individual is different and therefore will require different parameters regarding the best types of exercise they need to be doing during their body-for-life workout. It is possible to over-exercise and actually create a situation of weight gain or no weight loss. This can happen by overestimating the number of calories burned during the workout and then eating too much to satisfy the appetite that was increased as a result of the physical activity.

Certain exercises or activities are better than others when targeting an area or an issue, so knowing what you are doing and how to do it properly can make a huge difference in your results.

Hydration and Sleep Are Both Critical To Your Health
Staying properly hydrated and getting enough rest are two of the most underrated health and weight loss essentials that can help or hinder your desired results. Make sure you get at least 64 ounces of water a day and an average of at least 8 hours of sleep.
Get Professional Help
This is probably the most important item on this list, and most of the other items on this list are related to this one.

Seeking help from a professional like Dr. Steven Batash at the Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center can make all the difference in getting the body-for-life results you want.

A qualified doctor who is trained in weight management and the complex intricacies of obesity can help you construct a plan that will be both safe and effective.

For a plan to be successful, obviously, the patient must follow it, but there can be underlying factors that are out of their control that could render even the best plan ineffective. A professional can help create a plan that is customized just for you and addresses any underlying conditions that would prevent your success.

Also, having access to a wide range of professionals can take the guesswork out of making your plan. For instance, you will not have to dream up ways to get exercise or physical activity; a professional will work with you to construct a reasonable schedule of activities, exercises, or workouts that will mesh with your circumstances.

A plan tailored to suit your circumstances to help you achieve your body for life may include:

  • A supervised dietary plan;
  • Nutritional education;
  • Short and long-term goals;
  • Lifestyle changes and behavior modifications;
  • Stress management strategies and advice;
  • Instruction for physical activity, exercise, and strength training;
  • Collaboration with other professionals;
  • An endoscopic weight loss procedure (no surgery required);
  • Prescription Weight Loss Medication;
  • Ongoing support throughout your journey to better health.

She Is Ready To Take A New Approach To Weight Loss With an Endoscopic Sleeve

Dr. Batash's patient is sharing her reasons for getting professional help toward achieving the ideal body weight.

Setting Goals And Staying Focused
No matter what an individual is trying to accomplish, setting goals is a great motivator, and it also helps keep them on task and focused. Setting both short-term and longer-term goals can help you understand and visualize “the big picture” while offering you targeted victories along the way.

Having long-term goals such as “I am going to lose 50 pounds in the next six months” and then short-term goals such as “This month I am going to lose 15 pounds” keeps your goals attainable and measurable. When you reach a goal, it is important to reward yourself!

Anyone who remembers being a kid and having a “goal chart” can tell you how excited they were to get the prize after a job well done. Maybe after getting a certain number of gold stars on the chart at the end of the week, they got to choose a special something from the “treasure box” or another special reward.

Let’s face it, we are all still kids, just bigger and with more responsibility, but we still deserve to be rewarded for our achievements, so make sure to add some rewards to your plan for reaching certain goals. Choose a reward that is motivating to you and is within the confines of the rest of your plan. Maybe it’s buying that bestselling book you have been wanting to read, or maybe it’s a new pair of jeans you can now fit into!

Prevent Self-Sabotage
There are many ways individuals self-sabotage their own plans. Some are deliberate choices that are made when reaching a point of decision. A good support team can get you through these challenging times.

Negative self-talk is also more powerful than most people understand and can prevent someone from reaching their goal, despite how talented or qualified they might be. Learning strategies for turning these negatives into positives can be the difference between success and failure in reaching your goals.

You Need A Support Team
Most people who are overweight or not in the best physical shape have tried on their own to change but were unsuccessful. The old familiar phrase, “There is strength in numbers,” is true; you should not try to undertake a challenge like transforming your body and try to do it all alone.

Aside from the high level of support, you will receive from the team at a center like Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Clinic, you should establish sources of support that you can reach out to when you need them. There are many online groups filled with like-minded individuals who are on the same path and have similar experiences. There is huge potential to be supportive of one another in these groups. You can learn from first-hand experience what worked and did not work for others, and you can benefit from their knowledge.

Weight Loss Procedures And Medication
Aside from learning about nutrition, changing destructive behavior patterns, eating healthier, and implementing healthy lifestyle changes, you may need some additional help to achieve your body for life goals. Again, this is where working with a professional will be beneficial.

A doctor can prescribe weight loss injections that can help curb your appetite, boost your metabolism, and keep you feeling satisfied longer to promote weight loss.

The doctor may also determine that to achieve your body for life goal, you should undergo a non-surgical weight loss procedure such as the temporary Orbera weight loss balloon or Suture Sculpt ESG (aka endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty). Both of these procedures are helpful tools that can aid in weight loss by reducing the usable capacity of the stomach, preventing the individual from eating too much at one time, and helping them stay satisfied longer.

Body For Life Beyond Fitness And Weight Loss

Today we are fortunate to live in a time when medical advancements have made it possible to change the size of an individual’s stomach without surgery or utilize injectable medication to help them lose weight. We also have access to a plethora of cosmetic procedures that can correct things we see as aesthetic imperfections. Liposuction, body contouring, and cosmetic surgery can be used after weight loss if needed to deliver the body we have always wanted.

If you are interested in learning more about weight loss so you can have the body for the life you have always desired, contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center and set up an appointment to speak to one of our knowledgeable professionals.

Following a thorough evaluation of you and your medical history, we can design a plan for you that will address any underlying issues while also promoting safe and effective weight loss, allowing you to reach your goals and feel confident in your own body!

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