Suture Sculpt ESG and Wegovy: The Dynamic Duo For Weight Loss

Anyone who is trying to lose weight understands the struggle! Many of us have tried numerous diets, fasts, and all sorts of other traditional and nontraditional ways to rid ourselves of unwanted pounds but just become frustrated when nothing works. Losing weight is not easy, especially trying to do it by yourself.

What would you think If I told you that this time next year you could be rid of over 86% of your excess body weight without undergoing weight loss surgery? This is not a myth, this is true! A recent study proved that the powerful combination of Wegovy and ESG (endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty) can make your weight loss dreams come true. Keep reading to learn more!

How Does This Magic Combination Of Wegovy And ESG Work?

To understand how these two elements work well together we must take a quick look at them individually. Suture Sculpt ESG is a procedure and Wegovy is a prescription weight loss drug. When these two elements are added into the equation that also contains the patient’s efforts (eating a healthy low-calorie diet & physical exercise) it produces the trifecta of weight loss potential.

What Is Suture Sculpt Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)?

Suture Sculpt Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is a procedure performed at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in NYC by Steven Batash MD, FACG. Dr. Batash is one of the world’s leading experts specializing in weight loss procedures that do not require invasive surgery.

The non-surgical ESG procedure significantly reduces the patient’s stomach capacity through the use of sutures. The procedure is performed with the use of an endoscope so there are no incisions and no residual visible scarring. This reduction in stomach size promotes weight loss in three ways:

  • It helps control portion sizes consumed by the patient during meal times.
  • It slows down gastric emptying (how fast the food is digested) so the patient feels satisfied longer.
  • It reduces the amount of ghrelin the stomach can produce and distribute (the naturally occurring hormone that makes us feel hungry).

What Is Wegovy?

The prescription drug Semaglutide has been used for years to treat type 2 diabetes under the brand name Ozempic. It has proven effective in helping patients control blood sugar levels and many patients using Semaglutide also experienced weight loss. The FDA approved the use of stronger doses of Semaglutide in June of 2021 for the treatment of obesity under the brand name Wegovy.

How Does Wegovy Help You Lose Weight?

The prescription medication Semaglutide (Wegovy) is modeled after the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1 that is produced by our body. Wegovy works in the digestive system to help regulate how fast the stomach processes and digests food so patients feel full longer after eating. It also helps regulate the secretion of natural insulin to keep the metabolism running smoothly while suppressing the patient’s appetite.

Wegovy is administered through a weekly injection that the patient can easily perform. They just inject the correct dose of medication under the skin on their stomach, thigh, or upper arm. (never in a muscle or vein)

Wegovy Dosing Information

Wegovy injection doses start low and gradually increase over a 5-week time frame. This is done primarily to ease the common side effects of nausea and vomiting. When the patient reaches the highest of the Wegovy doses, they remain at that level.

Wegovy prescription medication comes in an injector pen that is prefilled with the correct weekly dose. Each pen is only used once and then disposed of properly.

Batash Medical uses the following dosing chart for Wegovy in their New York City office.

Wegovy Dosing Chart Month by Month
Dose Month Wegovy Dose Per Week
# 1 0.25 mg
# 2 0.5 mg
# 3 1 mg
# 4 1.7 mg
# 5 and up 2.4 mg

The Weight Loss Trifecta Equation

The study mentioned earlier in this article reported tremendous success when combing the non-surgical ESG procedure with the use of Wegovy (Semiglutide medication).

It is important to understand that both the Suture Sculpt ESG procedure and Wegovy weight loss medication are tools that can be used to optimize weight loss results. The third element that is critical for a successful outcome is the participation of the patient. The patient is a driving force behind the amount of weight loss that will be achieved. Adhering to a proper diet and exercise routine is necessary for the equation to add up to weight loss.

Suture Sculpt ESG + Wegovy + Patient Effort = Significant Weight Loss

Patients in the study all underwent the ESG procedure to have the capacity of their stomachs reduced without surgery. They all had the exact procedure, with the same type of suturing, followed the same diet and exercise plan, and were supervised by the same research team. See the results of the impact study Suture Sculpt ESG with Wegovy.

Weight Loss Results Of ESG With Wegovy vs ESG alone
ESG with Wegovy ESG Alone
Average Total Body Weight Lost 27% 20%
Average Excess Body Weight Lost 86% 60%

None of the patients experienced significant adverse side effects.

For benchmarking purposes, a gastric sleeve surgical procedure offers the patient a 20-30% reduction in their total body weight. Surgical procedures have longer recovery times and higher risk factors.

Let’s look at a sample patient who weighs 250 lbs before they start the program. Their ideal weight (goal weight that will bring their BMI level closer or within a healthy range) is around 150 lbs. This patient has 100 pounds of excess body weight they need to lose.

1. Weight Loss after the Suture Sculpt ESG and Wegovy Combo

Our sample patient loses 86% of their excess body weight resulting in a new weight of 164 in just one year.

2. Weight Loss After Suture Sculpt ESG Alone

Our sample patient loses 60% of their excess body weight resulting in a new weight of 190 in just one year.

If the sample patient were to undergo gastric sleeve surgery their average weight loss in a year would be between 50 and 70 pounds, which is comparable to that of Suture Sculpt and Wegovy together.

Do these results make you want to ask “Why would someone want to undergo surgery, with the risks and extended recovery times when they can lose the same amount or more weight with non-surgical Suture Sculpt ESG and Wegovy?”

If you are interested in Suture Sculpt and Wegovy in New York, contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center. We would love to talk with you about how this weight loss approach might help you. We are ready to support you on your weight loss journey and look forward to celebrating your success. Setting up a consultation today could mean you are 86% lighter this time next year!

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