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Suture Sculpt Is the New Approach to Sustained Non-Surgical Weight Loss ,
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Suture Sculpt is a revolutionary non-surgical endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure that reduces stomach size by 60% and aids patients in significant weight loss. This non-surgical procedure encourages a reduction in food intake, thereby reducing caloric intake and bolstering weight loss efforts.

During the Suture Sculpt procedure, a sleeve is created by folding the stomach with sutures, effectively reducing its volume. Suture Sculpt leaves no scars since it’s a non-invasive procedure, and patients can return to their normal routine within days.

How Suture Sculpt Works

This non-surgical procedure involves no physical activity restrictions and requires no lengthy hospital stay. It’s done on an outpatient basis, so patients can go home the same day as the appointment.

Once the sleeve is applied using a suturing device inserted endoscopically, patients experience a sense of being full after eating smaller portions of food, leading to sustained, significant weight loss.

Suture Sculpt requires no recovery time, as opposed to bariatric surgery. The latter procedure involves a one- to three-day hospital stay and four to six weeks of recovery.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Suture Sculpt?

Ideal candidates for the Suture Sculpt procedure are significantly overweight or have a BMI of 30 or greater. A solid commitment to a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and dietary intake, is required for long-term success. Batash offers additional support post-procedure, such as progress monitoring for up to a year and lifetime nutritional counseling.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and keep it off with other weight loss methods, including diet and exercise, this procedure may be suitable for you. A screening process can help determine if you’re a potential candidate.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Since Suture Sculpt is non-invasive, most patients can quickly return to their everyday lives within one or two days. Generally, there is no need to plan extensive leaves of absence from work. Once the procedure is finished, patients can go home within a few hours.

With the sleeve in place, patients will feel full longer, reducing their stomach size, making them eat smaller meals, and training them in portion control.

In the first 12 months after the Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure, the average patient loses 20% of their total body weight. Weight loss continues for another 12 months. Results tend to vary based on how successful the patient is at maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatment.

Consider Suture Sculpt Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Achieving significant weight loss results with diet and exercise alone can be extremely difficult. Most patients also find this weight loss method very difficult to maintain over the long term.

Suture Sculpt is a safe and effective FDA-approved procedure that reduces the stomach’s functional volume by 60%, leading patients to feel fuller faster. When combined with healthy lifestyle habits such as reduced portion sizes, healthy eating habits, and exercise, Suture Sculpt can assist with significant and sustained weight loss. Contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center for more information today.

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