What Can a Cancer Screening Do for Me?

There are times in your life when a cancer screening will be recommended. Men and women should have colonoscopies at the age of 50 to check for colon cancer. If there aren’t any problems, they won’t need another screening for 10 more years. It’s a lot to take in, but having a cancer screening can save your life.

Know What’s Happening with Your Body

Nobody wants to hear a cancer diagnosis. However, it is worse to hear of a cancer diagnosis that is in an advanced stage. Cancer screenings are advised for early detection. The sooner you catch any signs of cancer, the better chance you have of conquering the disease. In some cases, our doctor may detect pre-cancerous cells. They can be taken care of before they even develop into a greater concern. If you are in a high risk group for developing a certain kind of cancer, our doctor will recommend that you come in for screenings more often. When you go for any type of cancer screening, you are being proactive.

Take Charge of Your Health

Think of a cancer screening as a gift. If there are no signs of cancer, you can be grateful as you continue to make healthy choices in life. If you receive a diagnosis of cancer, you can create an action plan with our medical team to treat the cancer in your body. You will also have information that you can pass on to other family members that could be at risk of developing the same type of cancer. Cancer screenings can help you to live a longer life. They can help you to avoid disfigurement or a progression of the disease. Cancer screenings can help you to live longer with a better quality of life.

Talk to Our Doctor About the Benefits of Cancer Screenings

Our doctor is your best resource when it comes to cancer screenings and colonoscopies. Make an appointment to sit down and discuss what you should consider. A colonoscopy typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes, during which time any growths or polyps will be removed and examined. These may also be biopsied. A full recovery from this procedure generally takes one day, as you will be administered a sedative to make you feel more relaxed.

If you are interested in a cancer screening or you are just looking for a routine colonoscopy, consider reaching out to the professionals at the office of Steven Batash, MD. Our office is conveniently located in Rego Park, NY. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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