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Dr. Steven Batash, created the Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center to provide long-term weight loss solutions for those with a BMI of 25 or higher. We offer custom non-surgical alternatives to dieting, exercise and medication to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.
Half of our staff are Ecuadorian and another half is Colombian with addition of two Puerto Ricans
We are all Americans but we represent Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica, Haiti, Korea, China, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, Israel – we are a big diverse BEWL family! We are all united and we stand against the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦
Steven Batash MD

Steven Batash MD

Fun Fact: More than a quarter of our staff were born under zodiac sign of Leo. Father of Dr. Batash was named Dr. Leo Batash
Mari (also known as Sunshine) is our Medical Assistant. Outgoing, caring, and empathetic are just a few words that describe this beautiful person.
Nelsy is our QA officer. She is the one who makes sure we don’t miss anything and that our patients get the service they deserve.
Shirley (also known as Happiness) is our Lead Medical Assistant. Her smile lights up the room. She truly cares about each & every patient. She is always there to help out and hold your hand to make you feel better!
Sherlin is our beautiful front desk receptionist! She is the first person you see when you come to our center. Sherlin is a super woman with a wealth of knowledge & experience!
Michelle is our Patient Coordinator. She is the person that will explain everything to you and will make the process of scheduling your procedures easy and fast!!!
Tatiana is our Medical Assistant. She has been with us for many years and her experience in the field of bariatric endoscopy is unmatched.
Gail is our Lead Patient Coordinator. She is super organized, efficient and productive! She is the one you’ll see working way after hours!
Wendy is our Chief Operating Officer. She does it all! She is the one behind our daily operations and makes sure that our office staff is in sync and super-efficient!
Hung is a licensed paramedic. He is the head of our post procedure recovery department. He ensures that your post procedural care is of the highest level. Post procedural care is as important as the procedure itself and we got the right guy for the job! His bed side manner is outstanding and his empathy for the patients is unmatched.
Valery is our nutritional coach who is also a certified personal trainer. She is tough but fair and will always keep your best interest in mind. She is always available to her patients, and you can always dial her number if you need help! Don’t forget to get an inside look into the latest workout routines!
Daniella is our Medical Assistant. She brings with her a lot of experience in the field, in addition to great work ethics and unique ability to multitask under pressure.
Justin is our Ontrack wellness and nutrition coach! All that can be said is that patients love him! He truly cares for each and every patient. He is a dedicated professional who is always there for his patients.
Michelle is our Medical Assistant. Great things come in small packages!! Don’t be fooled by this dainty young lady! She works hard 100% of the time! She is always smiling and always ready to help.
Monse is our Ontrack coaching coordinator. She is a true multitasker who remembers all patients by their names! She is the one who will make sure you get all your appointments set up and in order. She has a warm personality and radiant smile.
Keila is our Ontrack wellness coach. She brings to her sessions personal experience with weight loss. She has struggled with weight in the past and now wants to help others on their weight loss journey. Her tips & tricks for successful weight loss are invaluable.
Cindy is Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Specialist. She brings to her sessions a wealth of knowledge and experience. She truly believes that the best way to lose weight is with integrative approach. She wants to make sure you feel your best on your weight loss journey.
Adam is our lead Ontrack coach. In his past life he worked as an EMT serving New Yorkers during the Covid crisis! He is a deeply devoted professional, who is always on the cutting edge. He brings the latest, and most effective methods to weight loss coaching. His prior background gives him a science-based approach in combination with a gentle disposition honed through many years of saving lives!
Hortencia Ramos
Hortencia Ramos-One of our Patient Consultants! Brings along wealth of experience and knowledge in weight loss & beauty industry! She also happens to be Ms. Illinois International 2021! If you have any beauty questions send them her way 🙂
Ivette is one of our patient coordinators. Patients truly enjoy working with her because of her ability to explain things very patiently. She seems shy and quiet, but she gets it done like no one else!


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A nervous patient who became a very happy and satisfied one at the end and all because of Dr. Batash and his amazing staff. My procedure was on 11/11/21 and so far I’m doing good. I received a follow u…

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Rating stars

This entire office is amazing! All support staff is friendly and helpful and Dr Batash, well he is just wonderful. Made me feel completely at ease and is just a lovely person to talk to and deal with….

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Rating stars

I had my procedure done on 10/31 and everyone was exceptional and supportive. Fist couple days were rough for me but as expected. Dr Batash and team are so supportive and they make you feel they got y…

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