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Q: How is ORBERA different from other gastric balloons?

A: Over the past 20 years, ORBERA has become the #1 weight loss balloon in NYC and worldwide. ORBERA is the only gastric weight-loss recognized by the ASGE for its safety and effectiveness. No other FDA-approved, non-surgical gastric balloon showed higher weight-loss results during reported US clinical studies.

Q: How much weight can I lose with the ORBERA balloon?

A: The ORBERA balloon helps to effectively aid in weight loss and must be used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and a behavior modification program for the best results. The amount of weight lost and maintained depends on how closely each patient follows their diet, and adopts long-term lifestyle changes. While ORBERA clinical studies show that weight loss varies from person to person, patients can lose up to 70 lbs with ORBERA. On average patients lost 3.1 times the weight of those on a diet and exercise programs alone.

Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for ORBERA?

A: ORBERA is for adults 18 and older with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40. Individuals should be willing to take part in a medically supervised program. ORBERA is a proven and successful way to lose weight. Make your appointment today to learn if you qualify for ORBERA.

Q: What does the ORBERA procedure involve?

A: Doctors perform the simple procedure in 20-30 minutes. The ORBERA non-surgical procedure is performed under light sedation. Dr. Steven Batash places an expandable, soft silicone balloon intragastrically. Next, the balloon is inflated using sterile saline water. Most patients return home a few hours after the procedure. Our office will follow up during the next few days to ensure patients are comfortable.

Q: What side effects can occur from ORBERA?

A: In the first few days after placement, patients may experience nausea or vomiting. In some patients side effects may last up to one to two weeks. Batash Medical will work with you to prescribe medication that will proactively manage these symptoms and help you adjust to the balloon.

Q: How often will I see a nutritional coach?

A: The Batash Medical staff including Dr. Steven Batash, a OnTrack coach and exercise coach, work to guide patients through the process of developing a customized diet and exercise program that facilitates healthy lifestyle choices. Our OnTrack Coaching approach is based on the psychology of eating and an exploration of your relationship with food. Patients are expected to see our OnTrack coach every 4-6 weeks to assess your weight loss progress and help you learn new eating habits. In addition to helping you navigate your diet and adjust to your new lifestyle, we will assess your basal metabolic rate and nutritional needs before running an in-depth body composition analysis. If needed, Batash medical will recommend nutritional supplements and protein shakes. Patients can opt to buy these supplements in our office or order them online.

Q: Can the ORBERA balloon leak or deflate?

A: An ORBERA balloon deflation or leak is a very rare, but not impossible. Should the balloon spontaneously deflate, you may no longer feel full after meals. If a patient suspects this may be the case, notify us immediately. A simple abdominal X-ray will determine whether either has occurred. In the event that of damage, our office will arrange to remove deflated balloon.

Q: Will I gain weight back after the balloon is removed?

A: Patients who adopt this new healthy lifestyle will succeed at maintaining weight-loss. Published clinical studies of ORBERA show that patients who adhere to the prescribed diet and exercise program can maintain weight loss through dieting post gastric balloon removal.

Q: Will I feel the gastric balloon?

A: No. You should not feel the ORBERA gastric balloon.

Q: How much does ORBERA cost?

A: The initial ORBERA consultation is $50.00. Should a patient decide that ORBERA is their ideal weight-loss method, the cost of the initial consultation will be applied towards the cost of the procedure. The placement and removal procedures, OnTrack nutritional coaching (additional charge for video sessions), facility fee and sedation will cost $7,000.

Q: Is ORBERA covered by insurance or can I finance the weight-loss procedure?

A: The ORBERA managed weight-loss system is not covered by health insurance; however, we offer financing options through Care Credit or Prosper Financing. Our office staff will assist you with obtaining financing, provide complete instructions for the procedure, and help patients with the medications they may need before and after the procedure.

Q: What areas does Batash Medical serve?

A: Batash Medical offers ORBERA to individuals in Brooklyn and Queens, New York as well as other surrounding areas near you including Great Neck, Floral Park, North New Hyde Park, Elmont, New Hyde Park, North Valley Stream, Franklin Square, Port Washington, Valley Stream, Mineola, NY West Hempstead, Garden City, Woodmere, Lynbrook, and Eastchester, NY.

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