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The Orbera intragastric balloon is designed to help you lose weight quickly and efficiently. A soft, smooth silicone balloon is placed in a patient’s stomach through a non-surgical endoscopic procedure that requires only mild sedation. After the balloon is in place, it is filled with a saline solution until it becomes the size of a grapefruit. This takes up a substantial amount of the stomach’s volume, creating a sense of fullness in the patient when they eat smaller portions. The balloon is deflated and removed after six months. Orbera can help patients lose up to three times the weight they would lose through dieting or exercise alone – provided they commit to a healthy lifestyle and continue to practice portion control. The FDA approved its use in August 2015.

Average Weight Loss

30-40 lbs. Individual results may vary.


The deflated Orbera balloon is placed endoscopically and then filled with saline while you are under light sedation (MAC). The balloon stays in your stomach for six months before being removed endoscopically.

How It Works

Takes up space in your stomach so you eat smaller meals and learn portion control. Slows down transit time.

Recovery Time

Patients are discharged within a few hours of the procedure and can return to work the next day. Individual recovery times may vary.

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