Recovery Support Group for Bariatric Patients

Having A Support System Is Essential For Weight Loss Success

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Navigating your way through a weight-loss journey is not easy. As a matter of fact, it is downright hard, and people who say that having a weight loss procedure or surgery is “taking the easy way out” are seriously misinformed!

There are numerous dynamics that come into play when you begin a journey to weight loss; some are expected by most people, so they are somewhat prepared for them, but others can come as a surprise.

Adding New Friends To Your Social Circle Can Enhance Your Weight Loss Journey

Many changes begin to happen all at once, which can cause anxiety and frustration. When faced with significant or difficult changes in their lives, most people will seek advice or comfort from friends or family. The only thing is that, more than likely, none of the people in their social circle can relate to what they are going through, or perhaps they have the mindset of the misinformed.

This can even go a few steps further. After a weight loss procedure, patients need to adhere to new dietary rules and break unhealthy eating patterns. One of their goals is to avoid situations that may tempt them, which means that maybe they can’t go to “wine and dessert night” with the girls every Friday anymore or taco Tuesday dinner with the gang.

People who haven’t had a procedure to lose weight rarely understand what their friends are going through, and they find it hard to support their new way of life. This is a tough situation for the person trying to lose weight because they sometimes have to choose between their new healthy lifestyle, staying on track, and spending time with their friends.

Both online and in-person bariatric surgery support groups can offer help, advice, and a new group of friends who are on a similar journey and experiencing similar situations.

Many local bariatric support groups meet in person and attend social events together that revolve around healthy physical activities. Online bariatric support groups can provide the benefit of reaching a wider circle of individuals who can offer support. Your bariatric specialist should be able to provide you with some support group options.

Patients Of Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Have The Benefit Of A Private Support Network

Patients that undergo a weight loss procedure with us have unlimited access to our private Facebook page. This group provides our patients with a safe space where they can find tips on recovery and receive support from others who understand the struggles involved in losing weight and maintaining it long-term. The group operates under a set of guidelines that remind members that every patient’s weight loss journey is unique and that the purpose of the group is to share ideas and support others. Bullying and negative speech to other members or anyone outside the group are prohibited.

Dr. Batash moderates the bariatric support group and makes sure that everyone respects the rules and guidelines. If you have any questions about the group or how to join it, please feel free to email us, call us, or direct message us on Facebook.

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