What Is Suture ReSculpt Endoscopic Revision?

Suture ReSculpt is a revision treatment that helps address weight gain in individuals who have lost their results after undergoing a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures. This revision treatment helps address any weight that you have gained post-procedure so that you can reach your body goals once again and look and feel your best.

Suture ReSculpt Benefits

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Volume significantly reduced
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Fully preserved blood & nerve supply
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Outpatient, i.e. without hospital stay
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Endoscopic, i.e. without visible cuts or scars

What Bariatric Surgeries Can Be Revised with Suture ReSculpt?

Suture ReSculpt works for the revision of gastric sleeve (VSG) and gastric bypass (RYGB). If these bariatric surgeries have become ineffective and are no longer promoting weight loss, in an hour or less, we can correct the issues that have stopped your weight loss progress and give you a second chance to reach your weight loss goals.

The Suture ReSculpt non-surgical treatment aims to shrink both the sleeve and the stomach. It is an opportunity for those who have gained weight after a weight loss surgery to reach their body goals and maintain those goals long-term.

How Is Suture ReSculpt Bariatric Revision Performed?

Endoscopic Revision: Dr. Batash Explains What It Is & Illustrates How It Works

Dr. Batash explains the options for revision procedures and illustrates how endoscopic bariatric revision works.

Suture ReSculpt is a revision procedure that uses endoscopic tools to address the stomach so that you can lose the weight that you gained after that original weight loss procedure. Suturing the walls together will shrink both the stoma and the stomach so that when you eat, you feel fuller faster.

The Suture ReSculpt is a non-surgical revision procedure that takes approximately one hour to complete. The benefit is that this treatment does not alter the blood or nerve supply of the stomach, nor does it negatively impact intestinal continuity.

Gastric Sleeve Revision

During the procedure, we will use a specialized technique to suture the stomach walls to one another, which will reduce the total amount of stomach volume. This suturing technique is the same technique that is used during the Suture Sculpt ESG procedure that we perform for weight loss.

When your stomach is reduced by 70%, it will be smaller, and you will feel fuller faster than you did before the treatment. This means that you will eat fewer calories, and the result will be consistent and significant weight loss. You will choose small portions and won’t be able to overeat since your stomach simply will not have the space to allow for that much food. This helps you not only lose that extra weight but keep it off for good.

Gastric Sleeve Revision

Gastric Bypass Revision

The Suture Resculpt revision of gastric bypass is performed using the endoscopic suturing device. It has a tiny camera attached to it, and the whole procedure will be clearly visible on the screen in the operating room. The doctor will insert the device into your mouth and push it down to reach the stomach. With the help of the suturing tool, some parts of the stretched pouch will be stitched together to decrease its size. This will limit the amount of food that goes through the pouch, prolong the satiety, and give a chance to restart weight loss.

The patient is put to sleep under general anesthesia or sedation. The revision procedure takes less than an hour and requires no incisions or scars. Patients can go home the same day after the procedure.

Gastric Bypass Revision

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose
With Suture reSculpt?

Once this treatment is complete, you can expect to experience an average weight loss equaling 20% of your total body weight within one-year post-procedure. Results do vary among patients based on their initial weight and weight loss goals, but most patients continue to steadily lose weight during the year following their treatment.

Before & After Photos Of Suture reSculpt Patients

Suture ReSculpt is a highly effective revisional procedure and has produced great results! Take a look at these photos and see the incredible changes that our patients have undergone.

A woman lost 27 lbs in 1 month after Suture ReSculpt
A woman lost 27 lbs in 1 month after Suture ReSculpt
A woman lost 46 lbs in 6 months after Suture ReSculpt
A woman lost 46 lbs in 6 months after Suture ReSculpt

Who Is a Good Candidate for Suture ReSculpt?

Suture ReSculpt is a revision treatment. It is designed to help those who have undergone gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures and have sabotaged their results through additional weight gain.

The benefit of Suture ReSculpt is that not only can we fix the damage that’s been done so that you can lose weight quickly and effectively, but we will support you with the accountability that you need to maintain your results long-term. Those who need to lose weight and do not want to undergo another surgical treatment make excellent candidates for this procedure.

How Does Suture ReSculpt Compare to the Surgical Bariatric Revision?

As Suture Resculpt is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that does not require any incisions, it has fewer risks compared to its surgical alternatives. Generally, surgery poses a higher rate of complications, but revisional bariatric surgery is even more complex which significantly increases the rate of adverse events. While endoscopic revision is far from these risks, it also has some other advantages over surgery such as:

Visible scarring
Surgical alterations to the GI
Expected recovery period
Expected weight loss
Suture ReSculpt
Fully intact
1-3 days
Surgical Bariatric Revision
5 incisions
Major alterations
3-4 weeks

How Long Is the Recovery After Suture ReSculpt?

Once you undergo the Suture ReSculpt treatment, you will be discharged within a few hours. You can expect to resume your normal daily activities within a few days of your appointment. While recovery results vary, some patients can return to work within one to two days of the procedure. You will not have to follow any physical activity restrictions, and you won’t have to deal with pain after the procedure is over.

How Can I Maintain Results?

Considering Calories

The saying, “Calories in, calories out,” is popular, but there is such a thing as a nutrient-dense calorie and an empty calorie. Even though this treatment will force you to eat less food by default, which will result in significant weight loss, it is important that you consider what kind of foods you are eating.

Empty calories will not help you reach your results as quickly as choosing nutritious and nutrient-dense calories. However, when you consider what type of foods you are eating, it will make all the difference in how quickly you achieve your body goals, and it will help you maintain those goals permanently.

Monitoring Your Progress

Once we perform this treatment to help you achieve your body goals, we will monitor your progress for the following year. You will also receive one year of nutritional counseling to ensure that you stay on the right track. This accountability can help make all the difference in the world in helping you not only reach your weight loss goals but maintain them over time.

What Happens After the Suture ReSculpt Procedure?

Immediately after the revisional procedure, patients will be taken to the recovery room and closely watched by doctors and nurses. Then once the patient is awake, small amounts of liquid will be provided and with the help of a nurse, the patient can start walking slowly around the room. Several hours later, having ensured that everything is okay, the chaperone can take the patient home.

The doctor will closely monitor the recovery and keep in touch regularly. He will also provide specific post-procedure instructions which will help cope with any possible events associated with the treatment. The doctor can prescribe some medication for minor side effects and mild discomfort that can happen after the procedure.



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