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Q: How is the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty carried out?

A: The ESG is carried out via endoscopy, which means that it’s done through your mouth and down your throat. Everything is done from the inside of your stomach, rather than the outside of it.

Q: Does this mean that it’s not an actual surgery?

A: Technically, yes! An endoscopy is non-surgical. No incisions are made whatsoever.

Q: Will I be in pain after the procedure?

A: Yes, you are likely to have some discomfort for a couple of days. However, in comparison to other weight loss surgeries, the level of discomfort is far lower. We will provide you with safe pain-relief measures if needed.

Q: How soon can I be back to work?

A: The recovery from an ESG procedure is extremely fast, compared to other weight loss procedures. You should be capable of returning to work within only a couple of days.

Q: What about scarring, following the surgery?

A: As the ESG is carried out via endoscopy, there is no scarring! No incisions or wounds are made through this procedure.

Q: How soon can I drive, following my procedure?

A: The procedure is carried out under general anesthetic, so we would advise no driving for 24 hours afterwards. Have someone ready to provide you with a ride immediately following the procedure.

Q: Will I need to take vitamin supplements?

A: The ESG doesn’t change the absorption of nutrients from food, as your intestines remain unchanged. However, you will be eating a lot less food. Therefore, we advise patients to take a daily multivitamin.

Q: What about physical activity following my procedure?

A: Exercise and physical activity are very much encouraged following your procedure. The ESG limits you in no way with this, whether you decide to walk for 5 minutes or run a marathon!

Q: What results can I expect?

A: In general we’ve tracked 15% of total body weight loss in the first six months; 18% total body weight loss in the first 12 months; and 24% total body weight loss in the first 24 months. This type of sustained weight loss is better than overly rapid weight loss because it allows the body and skin to adjust better to the change. Many people lose much more than the initial 18%. The level of success is highly dependent of the level of commitment to a healthy lifestyle and portion control.

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