How To Lose 60 Pounds

A 60-pound weight loss sounds like an enormous undertaking, but it may just be more achievable than you realize. If you have ever tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, what methods did you try? Did you attempt to follow a diet that was so restrictive that it was impossible to sustain? Or a diet that left out entire food groups? Maybe you incorrectly bought into the claim that you did not need to exercise. There is so much information circulating about how to lose weight fast or how to lose weight safely, and it is hard to know what really works.

The truth is that weight loss works differently for each person, and since your body is constantly changing, what helped you lose weight in the past might not work for you again. Achieving a 60-pound weight loss will require significant lifestyle changes that must become permanent behaviors. Today, we are going to talk about some strategies real people have used to reach their goal of losing 60 pounds safely.

Real Strategies That Can Help You Lose 60 Pounds Or More

Be Mindful Of Your Calorie Balance

Because of the way your body is designed, the only way to lose weight is to create a deficit in calories between what you consume and what you expend each day. Your body uses a certain number of calories just to function, and they are being used even when you are sleeping or lying around. Pretty much every strategy you will find for losing weight has something to do with creating this deficit.

Each person’s metabolism runs at a different pace, which determines how fast their calories are used. Enlisting the help of a weight loss expert can help you determine how fast your body burns calories, which is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This will give you an idea of the number of calories going in and the ones being burned, so you can ensure you are creating a deficit. One celebrity told of using a calorie counting app to help her stay on track during her 60-pound weight loss journey.

Focus On What You Can Do Today

Many individuals who are looking at hefty weight loss goals become overwhelmed and discouraged before they even begin. While that 60-pound weight loss goal may be where you want to end up, you cannot reverse years of unhealthy choices in a super short amount of time. It is going to take consistency and making healthier choices each day from now on. Set small goals for each day and concentrate on achieving them.

One woman, while giving a television interview about how she lost 60 pounds, said she had to set small daily goals for herself that she focused on rather than the ultimate end goal. Every day, she would have goals for eating and exercising, and she would only focus on those. She started by making small changes, such as walking for 10 minutes a day, even breaking this up at first, and paying attention to what she ate, with more focus on eating fruits and vegetables. She said she didn’t weigh herself every day and worry about the number on the scale, but instead just focused on reaching her goals for that day.

Pay Attention To Your Portions

Here in the United States, we are served much larger portions than in many other countries throughout the world. If you begin to weigh your food with a common kitchen scale, you will probably be surprised to learn how much you are actually consuming. Watching your portions every day will help you stay within the boundaries of your calorie limits.

You have probably heard of the term “recommended daily allowance (RDA),” which is the calculation of what your body needs to keep you healthy. This does not necessarily mean what YOUR body needs because this number can fluctuate depending on their age, body composition, gender, whether you are pregnant or nursing, active or sedentary, etc. If you have questions about how much protein or other nutrients you should be getting every day, you can check out this nifty online tool.

Example Of Recommended Portions
(40-year-old female 5’7” and weighs 150 pounds)
Macronutrient Recommended Intake Per Day

  • Total fiber
264-381 grams

  • 33 grams
Protein 54 grams

  • Saturated fatty acids
  • Trans fatty acids
  • a-Linolenic acid
  • Linoleic Acid
  • Dietary Cholesterol
52-91 grams

  • As low as possible while consuming a nutritionally adequate diet
  • As low as possible while consuming a nutritionally adequate diet
  • 1.1 grams
  • 12 grams
  • As low as possible while consuming a nutritionally adequate diet
Total water 2.7 liters (about 11 cups)

Engage In Physical Activity Every Day

Each day, you need to be doing something that helps your body burn more calories, which means you need to get moving. The faster you move, the more calories you burn, but don’t go out and immediately try to run a 5-K; you need to start slowly and work your way up.

A great way to start is by walking, which is one of the best forms of exercise but is very underrated. It has many advantages; almost everyone can do it, you can go at your own pace, it’s free, it does not require any special equipment, and you can add levels of difficulty to burn more calories while you walk as you get stronger.

Think about ways you can incorporate more exercise into your day. Park a bit further away at the grocery store, so you have to walk a bit to get to the entrance, take the stairs instead of the elevator next time you have a choice, watch television while you are standing up, use a standing desk at times, have a dance party with your kids after dinner, etc. Moving around does not have to mean 50 crunches at the gym; be creative and just get moving.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is full of empty calories that add up fast. Especially if you are fond of those frou-frou drinks like daiquiris, pina coladas, or other fancy cocktails. When you are aiming to lower your calorie intake, watch your beverage-related calories.

Make Sure To Include Strength Training In Your Exercise Goals

Aside from walking or the other forms of exercise you choose to engage in, work on strength training at least four days a week. Building muscle in your arms, legs, and buttocks not only tones your body so you look amazing, but these muscles also increase your BMR (basal metabolic rate), so you burn a greater number of calories per activity and while resting. These days, there are phone apps, YouTube, and streaming channels that you can get on your television or tablet that can help teach you safe strength training strategies. Before beginning a new exercise program, it is recommended that you run it by your doctor if you have health concerns.

Curtail Your Sugar Consumption

Sugar is not your friend when it comes to losing weight. It tricks your brain into making your body continually crave more food. Scientists call this hedonic hunger, and it involves eating for pleasure and far beyond the point of feeling full. You are eating because your body has an overwhelming craving for the food, and not because you are hungry. Your metabolism works through a series of checks and balances to ensure you have enough calories to survive, but consuming sugar and fat throws the entire system out of whack. The sugar and junk food stimulate the reward center in the brain similar to the way cocaine does, releasing dopamine and making you temporarily “feel good,” but it begins a cycle of eating that gets out of control.

Change Your Thinking

Many of the success stories written by patients who have lost a tremendous amount of weight report that they had previously tried a number of different diets, but nothing had worked. One of the phrases that kept popping up in their stories was “I stopped dieting, and I made small changes.” They changed the way they were thinking, and instead of following a specific diet and focusing on what the scale was saying every day, they concentrated on their health.

One woman said she felt tired all the time, had no energy, and her body ached after even the smallest bit of exertion. She said she was sick of feeling that way all the time and decided that she was going to get healthier. She started walking for 15 minutes a day, then after a week, she moved it to 16 minutes a day. She stayed consistent, and each week she would add a minute or two, and she started increasing her speed as she was able.

She wasn’t losing weight at first, but she started feeling so much better. She had more energy, and her chronic body aches went away. She started eating healthier and focused on eating the foods that her body needed to function properly, like protein, vegetables, and fruits. As she ate healthier, she cut down on her portion sizes and started thinking about whether the food she was about to eat fit into her new way of thinking. She was able to cut out the majority of junk foods and sugar-filled choices she would have made in the past. Making these small changes and changing her thinking from a temporary diet to a lifetime of better health helped her lose 60 pounds.

Get Help When You Need It

Sometimes individuals are overweight because of their lifestyle choices, but there are many more instances where underlying conditions make it very hard for the person to maintain a healthy weight. Enlisting help from a doctor, like Dr. Steven Batash, who is an expert in obesity medicine, can give you the assistance and support you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Today, there are procedures and medications that can help you overcome underlying conditions and the issues that have kept you from succeeding with weight loss in the past. There are non-surgical procedures like Suture Sculpt ESG and weight loss balloons that can make the usable portion of your stomach significantly smaller, so you can’t eat as much. There are prescription weight loss injections that you self-administer weekly that help curb your appetite and boost the efficiency of your metabolism.

A combination of a non-surgical procedure and a prescription medication can be used to overcome even the toughest weight loss challenge. When combined with lifestyle changes that include a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie diet and physical activity, your weight loss dreams can become a reality.

Where Can I Find Help To Lose 60 Pounds?

You will find all the help you need to lose weight and become healthier at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center. Dr. Batash and his professional, knowledgeable team are there to support your weight loss journey from start to finish and into the future. You will have access to a personalized plan that will tackle the challenges you have had in the past and a comprehensive support system to help you with your daily weight loss journey.

Your customized plan may include the Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, which can help you lose an average of 20% or more of your total body weight in a year. A balloon for weight loss can help you lose an average of 10% to 15% or more of your excess weight in about six months. Everyone’s weight loss potential is different and is dependent on the extent of their lifestyle changes and their level of consistency and commitment to becoming healthier.

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How to lose 60 pounds healthily and keep it off for long? What are non-surgical weight loss options to lose 60 pounds?

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How to lose 60 pounds healthily and keep it off for long? What are non-surgical weight loss options to lose 60 pounds?

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How to lose 60 pounds healthily and keep it off for long? What are non-surgical weight loss options to lose 60 pounds?

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How to lose 60 pounds healthily and keep it off for long? What are non-surgical weight loss options to lose 60 pounds?

For more amazing weight loss transformations, check out our YouTube channel.

If you are ready to join our amazing patient family, become healthier, and reach your goals for weight loss, make your appointment today.

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