What Is Advanced Weight Loss And Where to Find A Dedicated Clinic?

Many individuals believe that losing weight is only a matter of consuming fewer calories than your body burns each day or eating less and getting more exercise. While this is definitely part of the equation, what they do not understand is that the disease of obesity is more complex than that.

Stress, hormones, genetics, unique metabolic issues, medication, medical conditions, and many other factors can contribute to the body’s propensity to respond to traditional weight loss methods. The only way for these patients to achieve sustainable weight loss is through an advanced medical weight loss program.

Today, we are going to talk about advanced weight loss and what sets it apart from other available weight loss methods. We will tell you what to look for and where you can find the best advanced medical weight loss program.

Traditional Weight Loss vs Advanced Weight Loss

Traditional weight loss methods do not work for many people for different reasons. Some of the reasons include:

No Permanent Lifestyle Changes Are Made
When people “go on a diet,” it is usually viewed as a temporary situation. They go on a diet, lose weight, and then the diet is over. The problem with this is that they go right back to their former lifestyle habits and gain all their weight back, or sometimes more.
They Use Ineffective Or Unhealthy Diets
Often, the diets they choose to go on are not healthy or suitable for what they are trying to do.

Many of the diets that exist were created for specific purposes, such as those that use the glycemic index as a basis. These diets were created to provide individuals who have diabetes with food choices that will help keep their blood sugar in check; they were not intended for weight loss.

Some diets deprive the body of entire food groups or create such a huge calorie deficit that they are not healthy or sustainable.

Their Efforts Are Inhibited By Underlying Issues
Lack of sleep and excess stress play a part in how our bodies convert food into energy. Studies have proven that not getting enough sleep can change hormonal and glucose levels that play a role in metabolic regulation. Stress dumps excess cortisol into the system, which causes the body to retain fat, and inadequate sleep is associated with increases in ghrelin, which is the hormone that makes us feel hungry.

Some prescription medications can contribute to weight gain.

Medical conditions such as thyroid issues can promote excess weight.

The body’s “survival instinct” kicks in when you try to cut back on calories, and it slows down the calorie-to-energy conversion process.

Advanced medical weight loss methods are effective in addressing underlying issues that prevent individuals from losing weight. These methods go beyond traditional calorie restriction and exercise and may include a weight loss procedure, assistance from prescription medication, and include a comprehensive program that is supervised by a doctor.

What Methods For Weight Loss Would I Find At An Advanced Weight Loss Clinic?

An advanced weight loss program is made up of many components that all work together to promote sustainable weight loss. Some of the things you should look for include:

A Qualified Doctor
An advanced weight loss program should begin with finding a qualified doctor. Finding a professional who is trained in obesity management and bariatric endoscopy and who can proactively manage your weight loss journey is key to your safety and results.

A lack of willpower is not the fundamental reason behind most cases of obesity. Rather, there are often numerous complicated factors taking place within the body that encourage weight retention and create resistance to weight loss attempts.

The traditional, typical “DIY” weight reduction strategies do not account for these underlying issues, which is one of the biggest reasons they are ineffective. Medical weight loss approaches differ because they strive to get to the core of these issues, identify them, and put a plan in place to neutralize their interference.

A qualified doctor will perform metabolic testing to determine how to best help the patient lose weight, and then a customized plan will be developed and implemented.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures
An advanced weight loss center should also offer patients tools (without surgery) that will help them overcome some of the hardest parts of losing weight.

Most weight loss patients feel that regulating their portions and being hungry all the time are some of the toughest parts of a weight loss program. Non-surgical weight loss tools can make a significant difference in helping to control these two weight-promoting issues.

While bariatric surgery has historically been a solution offered to obese patients to help with these issues, surgical intervention is also invasive, comes with risks and potential side effects, and takes a significant amount of time to recover from. Today, endoscopic procedures that are completed without surgery can be performed and can provide effective results without the downsides of a surgical procedure.

Two endoscopic weight loss procedures that are safe and effective and do not require surgery are the Orbera balloon and the Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Both of these procedures limit the amount of space that is available in your stomach, which helps you understand and practice portion control. Also, because the size of your stomach is smaller, it takes longer to digest the food that you eat, which helps you stay satisfied longer.

Orbera Weight Loss
The Orbera balloon is a medical device that is put into your stomach temporarily for six months. It is lowered into your stomach through an endoscope, which is a skinny, flexible hollow tube that has an attached camera. Once Orbera is placed in the proper location, it is filled with saline fluid until it occupies about 2/3 of your stomach. Don’t worry; you are mildly sedated during this 15- to 20-minute procedure, so you will be comfortable.

Most patients feel nauseous and experience vomiting for a few days while their stomach adjusts to its new roommate but this should dissipate over time. There are no incisions to recover from, so there is no hospital stay, and you get to go home the same day your Orbera is installed.

An Orbera patient lost 30 pounds
An Orbera patient lost 30 pounds
ESG Weight Loss Procedure
Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is a non-surgical procedure that mimics the results of the most popular bariatric surgery performed today, the laparoscopic gastric sleeve.

Unlike the gastric sleeve, where almost 75% of the patient’s stomach is surgically removed, the ESG procedure reduces the size of the stomach without surgery by forming it into a different shape and holding it in place with sutures.

The ESG process is completed totally from inside the body, and there are no abdominal incisions like those required for gastric sleeve surgery.

Special tools are inserted through your mouth and down your throat through an endoscope, and your stomach reduction is completed. The doctor can see exactly what they are doing during the procedure because the endoscope’s tiny camera is streaming real-time video to a nearby screen. You will be sedated during the procedure, so you will not feel a thing.

There is no hospital time needed after ESG, unlike the 2–3 day stay after gastric sleeve surgery, so you can go to your own home to rest and recover. After ESG, it is only possible to eat small portions during meals because of your smaller stomach, and you will stay feeling full longer.

Most patients are back to their normal routines in about three days. Since no permanent changes were made, the procedure can be reversed if necessary.

Our patient lost 82 lbs within 5 months after undergoing the Suture Sculpt procedure
Our patient lost 82 lbs within 5 months after undergoing the Suture Sculpt procedure

Medications That Facilitate Weight Loss
Medical weight loss is also an option when working with an advanced weight loss center. Prescription medication used under the supervision of an obesity-trained doctor can help stop annoying food cravings, suppress your appetite, and help your metabolism run more efficiently.

When these special prescription injections are used as part of a total weight loss program (a healthy diet, an adequate amount of exercise, plenty of sleep, etc.), they have been shown to help patients lose weight. When these prescription drugs are combined with a non-surgical weight loss tool, they can make it easier for people to lose weight, even if they haven’t been able to in the past.

Exceptional Support
Studies have shown that patients who have access to a high level of support are more successful in losing weight compared to those who do not.

An advanced weight loss program goes beyond just helping patients with tools that can make their weight loss a bit easier, it also equips them for long-term results.

Patients in these programs work with a group of experts who look at their situation as a whole. They help them make informed decisions about essential components that support maintaining a healthy weight such as food choices, nutrition, vitamin supplements, and physical constraints, and provide guidance regarding exercise, emotional health, and more.

These experts aid their patients in recognizing and coping with stressful situations as well as their areas of weakness. They learn how to spot harmful patterns of behavior and strategies to change them. Instead of just shedding excess weight, these patients learn how and where to make changes to their lifestyles so they can achieve and maintain a healthy weight long into the future.

Where Can I Find The Best Advanced Medical Weight Loss Program?

Finding the advanced weight loss program that will be best for you will be easier now that you know what to look for. The first step is to choose a board-certified doctor who has the qualifications necessary to perform endoscopic procedures and also has in-depth knowledge of obesity and all its complexities.

Dr. Steven Batash with over 30 years of experience helps patients just like you. Not only has he performed thousands of endoscopic weight loss procedures, but he is also an expert in obesity management. He is well known and well regarded for his contributions to the field of bariatric endoscopy both in the United States and internationally.

Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center is dedicated to combating the rising obesity epidemic facing our nation. They are committed to demonstrating that non-surgical procedures and the holistic approach of advanced medical weight loss can successfully fight obesity and the life-threatening conditions it facilitates.

Contact Batash Medical For Advanced Weight Loss In NYC

Trusting the caring team of experts at Batash Medical with your weight loss journey will ensure you understand all of your choices so we can work together to decide which one (or combination of options) will be most effective for you. Dr. Batash offers not only the traditional methods of medical weight reduction but also cutting-edge, non-surgical procedures such as the Orbera weight loss balloon and Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

If you are seeking a comprehensive advanced weight loss program, contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in New York today. These professionals can support your weight loss journey whether you are local or from out of town. In fact, many of our extended weight loss family members had to travel for their weight loss procedures, and we supported them virtually. We would love to add you to our family of weight-loss patients and help you on your journey to better health. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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