Change Your Life with Non-Surgical Weight Loss in Glendale, NY

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Are you to the point of feeling so desperate that you are seriously considering bariatric surgery to help you break free of the excess weight that is affecting your health? It is understandable that you might be contemplating taking that route.

While bariatric surgery is effective and can help individuals lose a considerable amount of weight, it is drastic and comes with risks and potential complications. Weight loss surgery involves making permanent alterations to your stomach and sometimes your digestive system using scalpels and incisions. This means hospital stays and long recovery times.

Also, qualifying for bariatric surgery can be a challenge, and if you are depending on insurance to help cover the costs of your surgery, be prepared to jump through hoops and maybe be denied.

What if you could get the help you need to lose weight without surgery? The good news is that you can, and today we are going to talk about the non-surgical weight loss options available, how they work, and where you can find a qualified doctor.

What Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures Are There?

If you are looking near Glendale, NY for weight loss treatments that do not require surgery, pay Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center a visit!

Our Glendale, NY weight loss clinic offers two safe and effective weight loss procedures that do not require surgery – the Orbera Balloon and Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or ESG. We also provide non-surgical revisions (ReSculpt) to patients who have previously had bariatric surgery. This procedure would correct issues that led to patients not losing their desired amount of weight or gaining weight instead of losing it.

How Are Non-surgical Weight Loss Procedures Performed?

Non-surgical weight loss procedures are done endoscopically. This means that a medical device called an endoscope is used, and instead of using abdominal incisions to access the patient’s stomach, the entire procedure takes place from the inside.

An endoscope looks like a thin, hollow hose and is very flexible. The endoscope is lowered down a patient’s throat into their stomach to perform the weight-loss procedure. The hollow nature of the endoscope allows the doctor to lower any tools needed for the procedure down into the stomach as well.

While the doctor is performing the procedure, they can see exactly what they are doing through a real-time video sent from a camera that is built into the endoscope. Once the procedure is over, the endoscope is removed from the patient’s throat, and they are not left with any wounds to care for.

Glendale, NY Weight Loss Procedures Without Surgery

The Orbera Balloon
The Orbera balloon is a medical device made of soft silicone that resembles a softball-sized balloon. This balloon is placed, while deflated, into a patient’s stomach using an endoscope and then filled up with a sterile saline solution. The entire procedure is very quick and only takes about 20 minutes.

The balloon takes up space in the patient’s stomach and acts as a portion control mechanism for six months. The stomach’s usable capacity is reduced to about 25% of its original size, so the patient can only eat small amounts at each meal. The patient will also stay satisfied longer due to the stomach’s smaller size.

Orbera gastric balloon

The Orbera program lasts an entire year. During this time, the patient receives a high degree of support with anything they need that will promote weight loss. This includes guidance for their diet and nutrition, exercise, behavior modification, and overall lifestyle coaching.

The goal is for the patient to use the six months that the balloon remains in their stomach to identify and address underlying issues that are contributing to their weight issues or hindering their weight loss attempts. Forming new lifestyle habits, learning how to make healthier food choices, and recognizing when they need to stop eating are all strategies patients learn during their supervised program.

Once the balloon is removed from the patient’s stomach, the patient spends the remaining six months continuing to follow the program. Most patients recover in under a week and can resume their normal activities.

The Orbera balloon can help individuals lose three times the amount of weight they could have lost through diet and exercise alone. You can check out some of our Glendale, NY weight loss treatment patient results on our YouTube channel!

Suture Sculpt ESG
Most people are familiar with bariatric gastric sleeve surgery. that cuts out about 75% of a patient’s stomach and then surgically staples the remaining portions together. This reduces the size of the patient’s stomach, which prevents them from eating too much at one meal, and they lose weight as a result.

Suture Sculpt ESG can do the same thing but without the surgery, potential risks, or long recovery time. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is done using an endoscope that is lowered down the patient’s throat.

The doctor manipulates the patient’s stomach from the inside and shapes it into a small tube-like pouch. Then a special suturing device is used to place stitches in the stomach to hold the new shape. There are no cuts, no wounds, and no time in the hospital; the patient can go home a few hours after the procedure.

Suture Sculpt endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

The procedure usually takes under an hour, and patients do not typically have any activity restrictions afterward. The recovery time is normally under a week.

Patients have lost tremendous amounts of weight after undergoing ESG at our Glendale weight loss clinic. Check out this video of one young lady’s amazing transformation after undergoing Suture Sculpt!

At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in Glendale, NY, you can lose weight without surgery or a hospital stay and be backed by a team of professionals who will support you all the way through your weight loss journey and beyond!

If you have struggled to lose weight on your own, contact us today and get the help you deserve. Set up a consultation with the Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss team in Glendale, NY, for a weight loss screening consultation, and after a comprehensive evaluation, we will go over your options for non-surgical weight loss.

You will lose weight, but more importantly, you will form new lifestyle habits that you can benefit from for a lifetime. A non-surgical weight loss procedure is a tool that will make your hard work pay off with significant weight loss, and your ongoing healthy lifestyle choices will help it stay off.

Learn More About Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures like The Orbera Balloon and ESG in Glendale, NY

Put this chapter of weight loss struggles behind you and let us help you write a new one about reaching your weight loss goals and improving your quality of life. Set up your consultation at Batash Medical today to discuss your non-surgical weight loss options and start your journey. Our team of professionals will be there to guide and support you through safe and effective weight loss that works.

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