Change Your Life with Non-Surgical Weight Loss in Glendale, NY

You are tired of fighting with your weight. You are at the point of feeling desperate. You are seriously considering bariatric surgery to help you finally free yourself from the cage of this body that is much larger than you want it to be. The problem with bariatric surgery is it is extreme. It means altering your stomach in a way that could be permanent. It can lead to complications. You may lose the weight only to fall into old habits, placing strain on your digestive system. You don’t have to alter your body to make your weight loss dreams come true. Non-surgical weight loss in Glendale, NY can help you to see positive results.


In the past you struggled with your weight by yourself. Get help from medical experts to find out how you can be a success story with non-surgical AspireAssist. When you come in to meet our team of professionals, they will want to learn more about you. They will perform a comprehensive evaluation of you. They’ll look at your current weight and your lifestyle choices that have had an impact on your weight. The next step will be to place the AspireAssist device. Our team can go over the specifics of this device with you, as well as how it will help you lose weight.

Find Out What Will Work for You

When you choose non-surgical weight loss, you will have the great satisfaction of knowing you are taking a natural approach to get to your goal weight. You will also learn a safe approach to weight loss. All too often, people choose extreme weight loss plans only to fail. You will learn about changes you can make that you can embrace for the rest of your life. You don’t just want an instant fix. You want effective, gradual weight loss. You also want to know how you can keep the weight off once you have had help from AspireAssist and our team of professionals.

Learn More about Non-Surgical AspireAssist in Glendale, NY

It’s time to put this chapter in your life behind you. Write a new story when you achieve your goal weight through the help of AspireAssist in Glendale, NY. Your journey begins by getting in touch with our team at Batash Medical in Rego Park, NY. Be open about your frustration with weight loss. Ask about your options. Our weight loss professionals will be your guide to weight loss that works. Contact us today to schedule your AspireAssist consultation!

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