The Cost Of A Gastric Balloon Procedure

If you have ever tried to cut calories to lose weight, you know the annoying feeling of a growling stomach and the pangs of hunger that just won’t leave you alone. This is part of our body’s natural survival mechanism and was probably useful back when we had to hunt for all of our food, but to those attempting to diet, it is annoying and only serves to inhibit weight loss efforts.

You are probably aware of the range of bariatric surgeries available that use different methods to quiet these hunger signals and restrict food intake. You are probably also aware of the high costs of surgery and the extended recovery times associated with these procedures.

But, did you know there is a temporary alternative to quiet those pesky hunger pangs and help you feel satisfied longer? A six-month temporary intragastric balloon costs far less than bariatric surgery and does not require any incisions or an extended recovery time.

Today we are going to discuss the different balloon systems available and how much a gastric balloon normally costs.

How Much Does A Gastric Balloon Cost?

The three gastric balloons that have been used in the United States for the past several years are Orbera, ReShape, and Obalon. Each balloon system is unique but all work using the same restrictive technique. The cost of intragastric balloons can vary due to geographic locations, the doctor, patient-specific factors, and the type of balloon system chosen.

It is important to ensure you are doing an accurate comparison when looking at the price of a gastric balloon procedure. Make sure you know what is included in the price you are quoted. Check to see if all your office appointments are included in the cost of the gastric balloon, the insertion, and removal of the balloon, sedation, ongoing support, etc. Sometimes the price you are quoted is a base price and does not include all the additional fees.

Comparison Chart Of Gastric Balloon Prices

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Number Of Balloons Method Of Insertion Average National Cost
Orbera One balloon Endoscopically $8,245
Spatz3 One adjustable balloon Endoscopically $7,900
ReShape Two connected balloons Endoscopically $8,000
Obalon Three individual balloons are gradually introduced to the stomach in one-month intervals Swallowed in capsule form by the patient $6,500-9,500

What Is The Cost Of A Gastric Balloon In NYC?

Few bariatric surgery centers publish their exact prices for gastric balloon procedures and they vary so it is difficult to say the actual pricing for a gastric balloon in NYC or another specific geographic location.

At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in NYC the cost of the Orbera balloon procedure ranges between $7,000-8,500 and is all-inclusive including:

  • Anesthesia or sedation;
  • The facility fee;
  • Medication;
  • Supplement kits;
  • Unlimited pre and post-procedure visits;
  • One year of nutritional coaching.

How Does The Orbera Gastric Balloon Cost Stack Up Against Surgical Weight Loss Procedures?

The Orbera balloon procedure offers many advantages over surgery including:

  • Lower self-pay cost;
  • Lower risks than a surgical procedure;
  • Quicker recovery;
  • The Orbera balloon is temporary and no permanent alterations are made to the patient’s digestive system.

Take a look at the Orbera gastric balloon cost and how it compares to other bariatric surgery costs.

Chart: Orbera Gastric Balloon Cost vs Bariatric Surgery Cost

Bariatric Procedure Average Cost
Orbera Gastric Balloon $8,245
Gastric Banding $15,200
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy $19,300
Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass $24,300
Duodenal Switch $27,324

Does Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Gastric Balloon?

Unfortunately, major insurance carriers including Medicaid, Medicare, and their associated plans, do not offer coverage for gastric balloon procedures. Insurance companies have not yet embraced gastric balloon procedures as a way to treat obesity or eliminate weight-related health conditions.

A gastric balloon is one of the lowest-cost self-pay bariatric procedures and most bariatric practices offer a few different financing options to help patients set up affordable monthly payments. If you have access to a flexible healthcare spending account (FSA/HSA) it can help offset some of the gastric balloon cost without insurance.

What Is A Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is a temporary device that is put into an obese patient’s stomach and helps them lose weight. The price of a gastric balloon is lower than bariatric surgery and it does not involve any incisions or a hospital stay.

The gastric balloon remains in the patient’s stomach for 6 months and is then removed. During these six months, the patient follows a low-calorie diet and participates in daily exercise helping them to form new habits. The patient also participates in a supervised program at the bariatric center that provides several layers of support including nutritional counseling.

After the balloon is removed, the patient continues in the supervised program for the next six months and if diligent in making healthy lifestyle choices will continue to lose weight and keep it off.

What Gastric Balloon Procedures Are FDA-approved?

Currently, four different balloon systems have been approved for weight loss by the FDA they are:

Why We Use Orbera Gastric Balloon In NYC

At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, we use the Orbera gastric balloon to help many of our patients lose weight and keep it off.

The Orbera balloon has been around since 1991 and was approved by the FDA for use in the United States in 2005. All other balloons that have been developed since are based upon the same concept and idea as the Orbera balloon.

For the past two decades, Orbera has become the leading weight loss balloon in the world and the only one with recognition from the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) for safety and effectiveness.

Orbera has the most historical data and proven effectiveness of all the other gastric balloons on the market. Patients can lose up to three times more weight using the Orbera balloon than with diet and exercise alone.

Orbera offers a non-surgical solution to overweight and obese patients who wish to lose weight but do not qualify for bariatric surgery or do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. Also, when compared with surgery, the gastric balloon cost (without insurance) is significantly less.

At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center we have helped many people lose weight using the Orbera gastric balloon. Check out some of our before and after results of the Orbera balloon.

The Cost Of A Gastric Balloon: Orbera, ReShape & Obalon

What is the cost of a gastric balloon in NYC? Does insurance cover the procedure? How gastric balloon cost compares to other bariatric surgery costs?

The Cost Of A Gastric Balloon: Orbera, ReShape & Obalon

What is the cost of a gastric balloon in NYC? Does insurance cover the procedure? How gastric balloon cost compares to other bariatric surgery costs?

If you are interested in learning more about losing weight affordably with the Orbera balloon procedure contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center today. The professional and caring staff at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center are here to help answer all your questions and help you reach your weight loss goals. To learn more about Orbera balloons and if it may be right for you, contact us for a consultation today!

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