Diagnosed with E66.09? What Is It And How To Treat It?

You had an appointment with a doctor and just came home. You open your online medical records like MyChart and see a code e66.09. What does it mean? You might be panicking thinking you were diagnosed with some super new unknown disease. No worries. This is just a code that stands for “Other obesity due to excess calories or extent of obesity unspecified”.

Although many people might not see obesity E66.09 as a serious issue, there are many health risks associated with it. If untreated, they can cause you lots of trouble in the long run. Therefore, let’s dive into the definition of this diagnosis and see several treatment options.

What Is E66.09?

According to International Classification Of Diseases 10, E66.09 is a code that indicates that the patient has other type of obesity due to excess calories.

ICD 10 also includes other similar codes like E66.01, E66.2, E66.9 that describe different types and ranges of obesity intensity that the patient is faced with. All of us are different and can have different health conditions. Obesity that patients struggle with might coexists with other health conditions. In such situations, it is important to reflect that in the diagnose, therefore, there are a certain number of codes to include all the nuances.

The ICD medical codes like E66.09 are created by World Health Organization for statistical purposes and to connect broader morbidities with more specific categories of diseases. Also, ICD 10 medical codes like E66.09 are used for insurance and billing purposes.

How Is E66.09 Diagnosed?

One of the common tools used for diagnosing E66.09 is Body Mass Index. BMI is calculated based on your height and weight. If you have a BMI of more than 30 but less than 40, you may be diagnosed with medical code e66.09. BMI is not the perfect measurement method and does not give 100% accurate measurements. Therefore, your doctor might use other methods like waist-to-hip ratio, hydrostatic weighing and so on.

How Serious Is E66.09?

E66.09 refers to a certain class of obesity. However, in many cases, this is about not morbid obesity which causes many inconveniences and poses extremely high risks to your health. E66.09 is a case when the degree of obesity is not extreme. It is caused by the presence of too many calories that are not burned but get stored in your body in the form of fat deposits. Increased volumes of fat deposits in the body, especially, visceral fat that surrounds internal organs in the abdominal area, can be inflammatory, dangerous for health, leading to a number of cardiovascular diseases.

How To Treat E66.09?

No universal cure exists for this serious chronic disease but there are many methods that can help achieve great weight loss results and get rid of the code E66.09 on your medical records.

Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center offers its patients a variety of solutions suited for each category of patients. Dr. Batash and his highly qualified team of doctors create a comprehensive weight loss program to tackle e66.09. Their weight loss plan is always tailored to each individual and his or her needs. Since any sustainable and effective weight loss strategy contains a regulated diet and active lifestyle at its core, our patients can access the services of our registered dietician and lifestyle coach to reach the best possible results.

While healthy lifestyle is an essential first step for achieving a goal of healthy weight, for many people this is not enough to bring any significant results. Very often our patients need a gentle push in the form of a mild medical intervention.

Dr. Batash helps our E66.09 patients to get going with their weight loss using endoscopic weight loss procedures like the Orbera balloon, the Spatz3 balloon, and Suture Scuplt ESG which are perfect solutions for many patients because of the following benefits:

  • Non-surgical, meaning no cuts or incisions involved, all the procedures are done through mouth with an endoscope;
  • No need to stay overnight at hospital and short recovery;
  • Amazing sustainable weight loss results that would be not possible for the majority with diet and exercise alone;
  • Good safety profile, lower risks compared to bariatric surgeries.

How Orbera Balloon Can Help Fight E66.09?

The Orbera intragastric balloon is a great weight loss solution for many people diagnosed with e66.09 because it is temporary. Six months after the insertion, the balloon will be removed. No permanent changes are made to your digestive system during this procedure.

After the doctor inserts it into your stomach through the mouth with help of an endoscope, you will have less free space in your stomach and will want to eat less and as a result lose weight. Right after the insertion of the intragastric balloon, you will start creating healthy lifestyle habits with the support and guidance from our team. During the 6 months, you will firmly establish your new healthy habits so that after the removal you will continue eating balanced diet, exercising regularly and managing your weight.

With Orbera Balloon you can lose about 15% of your overall weight and even more if you make efforts and collaborate well with our team.

Spatz3 Balloon Against E66.09 ICD 10

Spatz3 is also an intragastric balloon that is placed in your stomach endoscopically through the mouth in the deflated form and then inflated with saline solution. What distinguishes Spatz3 from the Orbera balloon is that it gives more flexibility. If there is a need to increase or decrease the volume of the balloon, it can be adjusted without removing and putting back the balloon.

To speed up the weight loss progress in a few months after insertion, the volume of the balloon can be increased by adding more solution endoscopically. This makes the stomach even smaller leading to a quick satiety and weight loss.

The results can be different for everyone because we all have different bodies and goals but generally with Spatz3 patient can expect to eliminate 15-18% of total body weight. You can always make better progress if you commit to doing so and work hard with our interdisciplinary team of medical professionals.

Suture Sculpt ESG

Suture Sculpt ESG or in other words endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is one of the most effective ways to get the results just like after bariatric surgery but with much less risks and discomfort. Our doctor will use an endoscope and a special suturing device to get into your stomach and fold a substantial part of it. After stitches are made to your stomach, some part of it gets folded and you will be left with only a small volume of stomach. Thus, you start being satiated with less food and shed pounds you always wanted to get rid of.

Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center

So, when you see on your MyChart account medical codes like e66.09, it means you have a certain type of obesity which is a serious chronic condition that can be dangerous for your health. It also means that it is time for you to contact highly-qualified medical professionals because your health is precious and you cannot risk it by delaying visiting doctor or engaging in self-treatment with unreliable information from the web.

Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center in NY is a team of metabolic weight loss experts who have years of experience helping patients fight extra fat deposits. Although non-surgical weight loss solutions offered at our clinic might not be covered by insurance, our team works with patients to ensure they can afford our best medical service and stay fit, healthy, and happy. After years of searching for the working method against obesity, we found the best strategy and want our patients to take full advantage of it.

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