Which Influencers Lost Weight Using a Gastric Balloon?

Nowadays almost everybody wants or needs to lose some weight. Celebrities and influencers are no exception. Currently, these creative people are showing their audiences how to lose weight in the most effective and safe way using a gastric balloon. In this article, we will tell more about influencer weight loss with modern gastric balloons.

Anna O’Brien Shares The Truth About Her Weight

Popular author and fashion blogger, Anna O’Brien Glitterandlazers, has recently lost 60 lbs and has become a weight loss influencer who now inspires millions of people to invest in their bodies. Her motivation for such a change was rooted in her desire to take care of her health and do the things she loved, rather than just look a certain way or conform to traditional body size standards.

@glitterandlazers First weights session of 2024 is in the books. Im so grateful to my body and all the work its done to get me here. Im so excited to see how ot continues to afapt and support me in 2024! If you’re starting a fitness journey this year, the best advice I can give you is to do it woth love. Thank your body for showing up, especially in the begining when things are extra hard. 💕 #lifting #selflove #newyearsresolution ♬ original sound – Glitterandlazers

Although she hasn’t revealed the specific details of her weight loss journey, she mentioned addressing certain medical conditions and putting in substantial effort. In response to speculations about undergoing bariatric surgery or procedures, Anna O’Brien clarified that she opted for a natural approach without such interventions.

This is a truly motivational story of how people can start losing weight on their own. Just as Anna O’Brien said, a person’s health conditions can have a significant impact on weight gain. If you are worried about weight management, it is essential to talk to a doctor and identify the reasons behind your weight issue.

What Methods Influencers Choose to Approach Weight Loss?

We often see inspiring before and after weight loss photos of influencers on social media. Some tell us that they have achieved incredible success with only a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and pure motivation. However, these kinds of weight loss stories are rare and cannot be really for everyone.

Every individual has unique circumstances that require a tailored weight loss approach. What is easy for you might be challenging for others, and vice versa. Losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way requires a perfect blend of psychological and behavior-changing methods with medical and pharmaceutical interventions. Therefore, attempting weight loss without any support often fails and leads to frustration and loss of self-confidence.

The number of people struggling with being overweight or obese is increasing. Most people dealing with excessive weight have tried diet and exercise but with limited success. It is a common misconception that lack of motivation or perseverance is the cause of their struggles, but there are many reasons why people don’t progress with weight loss. Changing habits and behavior is always difficult, especially without professional help.

In the era of social media influencers, we can witness many real weight loss journeys and how someone can achieve their goals without over-relying on willpower alone and torturing themselves with unrealistic expectations, strict diets, and exhaustive workouts. In this article, we will look at some influencers who have achieved amazing weight loss with the help of a modern weight loss procedure such as a gastric balloon.

Influencer Weight Loss: The Story of Isela Almanzar

Isela Almanzar is a courageous woman who changed her life thanks to a gastric balloon procedure. She went from 200 pounds to 144 pounds in a matter of just several months. You can see her stunning photos below.


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A post shared by Isela Almanzar (@isela_almanzar)

She recently shared an Instagram post marking the end of a weight-loss chapter of her life. She was happy to inspire many of her followers to change their lives with the gastric balloon procedure. Isela Almanzar encouraged her audience to be braver,

“Make the decision to change your life without thinking about what other people will say; just think about improving your mental and physical health. In my experience, it was the best decision, though many could say that I took the easy way, but it is not, because I had to change my eating habits, since the gastric balloon goes hand in hand with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

She also expressed deep appreciation to her doctor and nutritionist and emphasized that their support and guidance were vital for her success.

Holly Wilson: 6 Weeks and 21 lbs Lost

Fashionista Dollyholly86 is another influencer who achieved spectacular weight loss progress with a gastric balloon. Just 6 weeks later, she was down 21 lbs. She used a gastric balloon as a tool to help her have a better diet and more physical activity, which promoted weight loss.


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A post shared by Holly Wilson (@dollyholly86)

While the gastric balloon catalyzed her change and a push that kick-started the process, she was willing to make an effort and adhere to a new lifestyle, which is vital for weight loss success.

The blogger advocates for self-love and self-care. She proved to her audience that turning to a doctor for help with weight loss is a great way to show acceptance and compassion for yourself.

Gastric Balloon: A New Effective Solution To An Old Issue

Gastric balloons are a great weight-loss solution for those who are ready to transform their bodies and lives but need a little push to do that. Intragastric balloons are inserted into the stomach endoscopically, through the mouth. This procedure is entirely non-surgical. There will be no cuts, incisions, or scarring. You can go home the same day after a 30-minute procedure. You can also get back to work in just a couple of days and start losing weight with much less stress and discomfort than you would with other methods.

Regarding the potential results, gastric balloon patients can expect to remove up to 18% of total body weight. There are people who lose 30, 50, and even 100 lbs in several months. How much they lose depends on how well they adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the doctor and nutritionist.

Consult With A Doctor Who Has 30 Experience In Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Batash and his team of nutritionists provide continuous support to patients to make sure that they are making progress with the gastric balloon, eating the right food, having enough activity and just enjoying their weight loss journey.

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