Non-Surgical Weight Loss Programs

At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, you have an alternative to bariatric surgery with our non-surgical weight loss programs. If you have tried on your own to lose weight and have failed, you are not alone. We hear many stories from our patients about their experiences with crazy diets, fasting, hypnotism, and other unconventional strategies they have tried but proved unsuccessful in helping them lose weight.

Some patients tell us that even if they were successful at losing some weight, they gained it all back shortly afterward. This can be a frustrating cycle to become stuck in and often leaves individuals feeling like there is no hope, so they just give up. Today we are going to tell you how our non-surgical weight loss programs in NYC can help you lose weight and keep it off.

What Is Bariatric Medicine And Non-Surgical Weight Loss?

Bariatric medicine focuses on treating and managing obesity, and the health conditions that can result from excess weight. It often entails working with a team of professionals and can include diagnosis, a non-surgical weight loss program, medication, lifestyle and behavioral coaching, and sometimes surgical intervention.

The comprehensive non-surgical weight loss programs at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, use a wide variety of strategies that are tailored to the patient’s exact needs and circumstances to help them achieve sustainable weight loss. When we talk about non-surgical weight loss, we are referring to options that do not involve invasive procedures or surgery. Usually, they focus on lifestyle changes, modifications to your diet, an increase in physical activity, and some type of medical intervention.

What Types Of Medical Interventions Might Be Included In Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program?

Non-surgical weight loss programs offer various kinds of medical interventions to assist individuals in reaching their weight loss goals without having to resort to surgery. A gastric balloon and the ESG procedure utilize an endoscope to reach the patient’s stomach and not abdominal incisions like surgery, so they provide very low risk profiles and short recovery times.

A non-surgical weight loss program may include:

Weight Loss Injections

One newer intervention available that has proven effective are prescription weight loss injections. These injections use prescription medications that have traditionally been used to treat type 2 diabetes but have recently been approved by the FDA for the treatment and management of obesity. Patients administer the injections once weekly into a fatty area under the skin on the abdomen, thigh, or the outside portion of their arm. They help patient’s lose weight by optimizing the efficiency of their metabolism and suppressing their appetite. Patients begin with low doses of the medicine, which are gradually increased over a six-month period, approximately every four weeks, until they reach the maximum.

Gastric Balloons

A gastric balloon is another option that can be included in a non-surgical weight loss program. To create a feeling of fullness and provide a deceased appetite, a gastric balloon can be endoscopically placed into the stomach and then filled with a liquid saline solution to take up space. The balloon only remains in the stomach temporarily, but while it is there, it limits the patient’s food intake and encourages portion control. While the balloon remains in the patient’s stomach, they participate in an accompanying program that provides them with the knowledge and strategies they need to continue losing weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) procedure is one of the latest cutting-edge developments in non-surgical weight loss interventions. Although the procedure has been performed for over a decade, it was recently approved in November 2023 by the FDA as a less invasive option for weight loss compared with gastric sleeve and other types of bariatric surgery. ESG utilizes an endoscope that is placed down the patient’s throat into their stomach, so the doctor can reduce the capacity of the stomach by reshaping it with a technique that uses strategically placed sutures.

There are no abdominal incisions created, like during a gastric sleeve surgery because the entire procedure takes place from inside the patient’s body. The smaller stomach size creates a sensation of fullness, which helps the patient reduce their food intake. Also, their smaller stomach takes longer to empty, so it increases the longevity of their satiety. ESG has proven to be a safe and effective option that has resulted in significant weight loss for many of our patients.

Your Dedication Significantly Contributes To The Success Of Your Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program

Regardless of the type of non-surgical intervention you choose to help you reach your weight loss goals, it is just one part of the puzzle. These interventions can help kickstart weight loss and provide some amazing results, but sustaining those results will require serious dedication and commitment from you.

Reaching your weight loss goals and then maintaining a healthy weight long-term can only be done if you can change behaviors and lifestyle habits that contributed to your excess weight problem. The reason many people experience yo-yo weight loss is because they take a break from their normal behavior, eat healthier, and get more exercise. Once they lose weight, they revert back to their previous behavior, and the weight comes back. The changes you make in your diet and lifestyle need to be permanent to ensure you maintain a healthy weight. Some of the changes you may need to concentrate on include:

Concentrating On Healthier Eating Habits

Choosing to eat foods that are nutritious, like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, while limiting or avoiding processed foods, sugary beverages, and unhealthy snacks. It is also very important to pay attention to your portion sizes and how much you are eating. Many experts recommend practicing mindful eating, which is the practice of concentrating on eating instead of doing anything else at meal times. The belief is that while we are watching television or scrolling through our phones and not paying attention to what we are doing, we tend to lose track of how much we’ve eaten and sometimes don’t even remember eating. It then becomes very easy to surpass our calorie limit for the day, making it impossible to create the deficit needed to lose weight.

Schedule Time To Get Moving

Besides the improvements you make to your diet, you must get enough physical activity so you can burn calories, build muscle, and boost your metabolism. Look for activities that you enjoy doing, like walking, swimming, biking, dancing, etc., if going to the gym is not your favorite thing. You can also look for opportunities every day to incorporate a little more movement into your life; for instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take a short walk during your lunch hour.

Other Things To Consider

Did you know that when you don’t get enough sleep, are stressed out, or are dehydrated, it could disrupt your hormones that regulate your feelings of hunger and increase your appetite? There are many outside factors that can inhibit your ability to lose weight, even if you are doing everything else perfectly. Finding ways to manage your stress, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep will not only will boost your weight loss efforts but also result in improvements in your health.

Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Centers offers one of the best non-surgical weight loss programs in the country, and our patients come from near and far to work with our fabulous team. If you are dedicated to becoming healthier and losing weight, we are dedicated to supporting you all the way. We will help you learn how to implement healthy lifestyle changes into your busy schedule while tailoring your program to meet your specific needs. If you need a bit of inspiration, take a look at some of our patient testimonials before and after a non-surgical weight loss program.

Set up a consultation today and learn about your options for weight loss help and our safe and effective non-surgical weight loss programs.

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