Help! Can I Realistically Lose Weight And Transform My Body In 6 months Without Surgery?

The Orbera Balloon: A Tool That Can Facilitate Body Transformations

For anyone who has tried to begin a diet and exercise program “cold turkey” you know the struggle. There are a few things that hinder our efforts and eventually, most of us quit and fall back into our old eating patterns and bad habits.

While we desire to transform our bodies into a picture of health, trying to navigate our way through the process seems daunting and unachievable.

Wouldn’t it be nice If we could gently remove the elements that hinder our weight loss efforts and even nicer to have someone accessible to guide and help us through the process? All this is possible with the Orbera gastric balloon procedure at Batash Endoscopic Weight loss Center. Keep reading to learn more!

What Do Realistic 6-Month Body Transformations With Orbera Look Like?

The Orbera balloon procedure is perfect for some teenagers and adults of any age. There are many success stories that demonstrate the realistic 6-month results and body transformations of patients who used the Orbera balloon to help them lose a significant amount of weight.

Here are a few Youtube “Shorts” of Real Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Patients celebrating their real-life 6-month body transformations using the Orbera balloon.

This female patient transformed her body from 254 to 191 for a total weight loss of 63 pounds!

-63 Lbs In 6️⃣ Months W/ ORBERA BALLOON ⚡

View Youtube “Shorts” of real Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss patients celebrating their real-life 6-month body transformations. Orbera balloon.

This realistic female 6-month transformation took place with the Orbera balloon procedure. She went from 197 pounds to 125 in just six months for a total weight loss of 172 pounds!

She Lost -72 Lbs After Her ORBERA BALLOON 🎈 Procedure‼️

View Youtube “Shorts” of real Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss patients celebrating their real-life 6-month body transformations. Orbera balloon.

What Does A Year-in-the-life of An Orbera Balloon Patient Look Like?

Every patient’s experience will be different but this general outline of a year with Orbera will give you some idea of what can be expected.

Months 1-3

After the balloon is placed, it will take from a few days to a week for your body to get used to it being there. You may feel nauseous but eventually, this will dissipate. The doctor can prescribe some medication to help ease any discomfort you may have.

You will learn a new way to eat. Instead of eating because you are bored or because other people are eating, you will listen to your body and eat when you are hungry.

Most patients experience the fastest and most significant weight loss during the first three months. Patients who experienced the most weight loss concentrate on healthy eating and include physical activity in their daily routines.

Months 4-6

By month 4 most patients have become accustomed to eating smaller portions and feeling satisfied. They are learning new habits and their body and mind are becoming trained to think and react differently. Psychologists have proven that forming a new habit takes about 21 days but breaking an old habit takes much longer.

Forming new habits will ensure that when the balloon is removed patients will experience ongoing success with continued weight loss and maintenance of their ideal body weight.

One of the best things about the program is that no one is on their own; they are working with a team of professionals who will help them with their nutritional goals and with finding physical activity/exercise tailored for their circumstances.

Months 6 And Beyond

Once the balloon is removed your new eating habits should be on auto-pilot and knowing when your body is telling you it is full should be second nature. More food choices and variety can be introduced into your diet while keeping nutritional value as the focus. Continuing to follow healthy lifestyle choices and behavior modifications will help maintain your weight loss.

How Does A Weight Loss Journey With An Orbera Balloon Begin?

Losing weight with the help of an Orbera balloon begins with the placement of the balloon in the patient’s stomach.

The entire procedure is done through an endoscope without the use of any incisions or surgery and takes approximately 20 minutes.

The doctor will perform a diagnostic endoscopy to make sure the procedure will be safe for the patient. Then, the patient will be mildly sedated and a deflated Orbera balloon will be placed into the stomach through the endoscope. The balloon is then inflated with a solution of sterile saline to resemble the size of a grapefruit.

The balloon is removed after 6 months in the same way only in reverse.

Realistic 6-Month Body Transformation Of A Female Patient Over 50

One petite 50-something patient began her Orbera weight loss journey with 50% body fat. She experienced back pain and her mobility was greatly impaired. She barely slept at night averaging only about 4 or 5 hours each evening. She woke up one day and realized that she was not improving her life or taking care of herself even though her job was to teach these skills to others.
Realistic 6 month body transformation femaleShe decided she was going to change that and made an investment in her health. She was committed to making the changes necessary to improve her health. She started her weight loss program with a consultation with her chosen doctor who reminded her that the Orbera balloon was only a tool and that ultimate success was in her control.

She felt that the Orbera procedure was just what she needed to jumpstart her weight loss journey Also, the support of an entire team gave her added momentum to get through the challenging times.

She started her weight loss journey by walking every day, staying hydrated, and getting as much sleep as possible. Every day she walked a little further until she was able to cover 5 miles. She knew her results would be based on how much effort she put forth.

By the third month, her body transformation was well underway with the loss of 35 pounds. When the balloon was removed at the 6-month mark she had kissed another 25 pounds goodbye and by 9 months she had lost 80 pounds total. Not only was this an amazing physical transformation for her over-50-female-body but her body fat percentage had improved to an amazing 28%.

Learn How Orbera Can Help You!

If you are ready to lose weight and keep it off with the help of the Orbera weight loss program we are here to help you!

With a team of professionals supporting you, you will form new healthy habits and learn to take cues from your body to recognize when you have eaten enough. Set up a consultation with Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, we are here to help you succeed! Today could be the first day of your 6-month body transformation!

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