Weight Loss Doctors in New York

Similar to the global trends, the state of New York has seen a sharp increase in obesity rates. In 2021, the percentage of those who struggle with extra pounds or have obesity reached 63.6% which means that the vast majority of adults in the state have a certain risk of weight-related health issues.

Despite the severity of the obesity epidemic, many overweight people still do not know about medical weight loss and where to go, or which specialist to turn to with their concerns. In this article, we will tell you about the leading weight loss doctors in NYC who will help you manage your weight safely and effectively.

NYC Is Home To The Best Weight Loss Doctors

New York City is a great metropolis that attracts and nurtures the best medical talents from across the country. Weight loss doctors in NY have all the chances to develop their skills and acquire new knowledge because the world’s capital gives them the necessary conditions for growth. Dr. Batash, who has been working tirelessly to help people lose weight in NYC for many years is an exemplary illustration of outstanding achievement and determination in the field of endobariatrics.

Dr. Steven Batash is a well-known weight loss doctor in NYC. He got his education at the top universities in NY. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University which is included in the top 4 Best medical schools in the US, and his Medical degree from New York University which provides students with the highest quality of medical training. Dr. Batash is affiliated with the premier medical institutions in the New York area such as New York-Presbyterian Hospital which is in the top 10 leading hospitals in the country.

Dr. Batash has been designing individualized integrative weight loss programs for his patients and performing highly effective, safe non-surgical weight loss procedures for about three decades. In addition to his experience, he also has an empathetic personality and great bedside manners. The doctor and his team support each patient psychologically by understanding their emotional, mental, spiritual, and social needs, making the weight loss journey easy and enjoyable for a patient. If you are a resident or a visitor of New York City, take your chance to meet with Dr. Batash for a weight loss consultation at his office in Queens, NY, 97-12 63rd Dr, Suite 1D, Rego Park, NY, 11374.

Weight Loss Doctor Near You In New York

While many people search the web for “weight loss doctor near me”, we would recommend aiming for spotting the doctor’s background and credentials rather than focusing solely on his/her location. If you are not from such a big city like NY where the top specialists are located, in most cases, you are less likely to find the specialist that is perfect for you. Looking for the right weight loss doctor is not easy and can be overwhelming for people who have busy lives and have no idea where and how to look for the best weight loss doctor.

In New York, there are different types of doctors who specialize in obesity. Depending on medical specialization and the main method of treating obesity, you can come across medical, metabolic, and prescription weight loss doctors.

  • A medical weight loss doctor uses all available medical approaches to solve the issue of obesity;
  • A prescription weight loss doctor tackles obesity mainly by selecting appropriate medications for the patient;
  • A metabolic weight loss doctor focuses on approaches to speed up metabolism for efficient weight loss.

Let’s dive into a more detailed overview of different kinds of obesity medicine doctors.

Medical Weight Loss Doctor in New York

A medical weight loss doctor is a healthcare professional who specializes in weight loss solutions and provides systematic examination and analysis of your health as well as weight-related health issues. Based on the information gathered about your health condition and lifestyle, the doctor offers medical solutions that will accelerate and ease your weight loss. Some of the medical solutions are weight management programs including nutrition, lifestyle modifications, exercise programs, psychological support, weight loss medications, and procedures.

Dr. Batash is a leading medical weight loss doctor in New York City who builds an individualized weight loss program based on evidence from medical research and his own experience of more than 30 years in this field.

Metabolic Weight Loss Doctor in New York

A metabolic weight loss doctor offers solutions that take into account your metabolism and ways to accelerate it to kickstart the weight loss mechanism. Metabolism is a process that happens in our bodies. Food converts into energy which we need for breathing, thinking, moving, in a word, living. Weight management issues can sometimes be caused by poor metabolism.

Dr. Batash is a renowned metabolic weight loss doctor in New York City who takes a systematic approach to handling obesity and assists people with eliminating excessive pounds in the safest yet most efficient and sustainable manner possible.

Prescription Weight Loss Doctor in New York

A prescription weight loss doctor is a healthcare specialist who prescribes weight loss medications to patients to help them lose weight. After an examination of your medical history and conducting lab tests, your prescription weight loss doctor will determine a medication that suits your condition and weight goals. The medications will aid in reducing your appetite and slowing down your digestion process which together will lead to fewer calorie consumption and accelerated weight loss.

All-in-One Weight Loss Doctor In NYC

Dr. Batash is a medical weight loss specialist who provides a well-rounded weight management program that addresses your issue’s root cause and tackles it from all sides. At Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center, everyone gets a balanced, highly effective, and safe weight loss solution that is tailored to their individual needs and desires.

Dr. Batash is at the forefront of innovative methods for treating obesity. He offers his patients safer alternatives to traditional bariatric surgeries that have many downsides. He performs non-surgical weight loss procedures that suit a wide range of patients with obesity and have fewer risks and more chances to reach their goal weight.

Orbera Intragastric Balloon

Dr. Batash recommends the Orbera intragastric balloon to those patients who want a temporary tool that will help them kickstart their weight loss and adopt healthy habits that will eventually lead to a sustainable process of shedding extra pounds.

The doctor will endoscopically (through the mouth) insert the deflated balloon into your stomach and inflate it with saline solution. The balloon will occupy a large part of your stomach for about 6 months and prompt you to eat less. During these months you will follow the diet and exercise guidelines provided by the doctor and change your life for the better.

Many Orbera patients lose about 30-40 pounds but there is no limit and you can always achieve even better results depending on how well you collaborate with the medical weight loss specialists.

Suture Sculpt ESG

The Suture Sculpt procedure is a non-surgical method for treating obesity that does not require any cuts or lengthy recovery. The volume of your stomach will be reduced by about 70%. The doctor gets down to the stomach with the help of an endoscope and folds and places stitches using a special suturing device. With your new smaller stomach you will be able to control your food intake better and lose stubborn fat rapidly.

Some ESG or Suture Sculpt patients manage to shed more than 100 pounds while on average patients can expect to lose 20% of their total body weight.

These are the most popular weight loss solutions that Dr. Batash has prepared for you. You can also choose another type of intragastric balloon – the Spatz3 Balloon. For those who have undergone traditional bariatric surgery but regained their weight, we offer Suture ReSculpt – non-surgical bariatric revision. Dr. Batash has the perfect weight loss solution for all types of patients, no matter what their situation is. Please contact our office by calling (718) 830-0004 or sending us a request via online form.

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